Sister Wives Christine Battles Sadness over Grandkids Moving to NC

Sister Wives star Christine Brown battles sadness today, now that the grandchildren she dotes on won’t be around the corner any more from the TLC celeb’s Utah home.

Mykelti Brown Padron, Tony Padron, and their three kids are relocating to the East Coast. Mykelti and Tony revealed this move to North Carolina on a clip from social media this week. Once there, that will make two of the Brown’s adult kids raising families in that state. Plus, it also adds fuel to the rumors of Janelle Brown possibly moving there as well.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown is Out of Sorts…

Christine Brown’s followers know how excited she was living close to Mykelti Brown Padron, her husband. But most of the excitement came from having her grandchildren close by. She was thrilled to be near to her grandkids. When Christine landscaped her new home, this Sister Wives grandmother had her grandchildren in mind with a play area.

But Mykelti and Tony Padron announced this week that they are packing and leaving Utah to make a home in North Carolina. Christine is Mykelti’s biological mom.

The couple’s three babies, 3-year-old Avalon Padron and 1-year-old twin boys, Ace Padron and Archer Padron are everything to Christine. So reports indicate this grandmother is sad over this move.

Maddie Brown Brush, her husband Caleb Brush, and their three kids, already live in North Carolina. They moved there a few years back when Caleb accepted a great new job offer there.

Maddie Brown is the daughter of Sister Wives star Janelle Brown and Kody Brown. Janelle has spent a lot of time at Maddie’s home in that state. Since the death of her son, Garrison Brown, she seems to spend more time there than at her Flagstaff home.

Christine’s Loss – Janelle’s Gain?

Both Mykelti and Tony work from home, so moving shouldn’t present a problem, as they can likely work from anywhere. But Christine having her grandchildren, Mykelti’s kids, nearby was a treasure for her.

Janelle’s posts show all the time she spends at Maddie’s house. So, Sister Wives fans surmise this is her next move. Since Janelle lives in a small rental in Flagstaff, if she plans to move, she won’t have the hassle of waiting for a home to sell before she can relocate.

On the other hand, Christine Brown is pretty much cemented into her new life in Utah. She married David Woolley, who is planted in the area. Not only does he have kids living there, but his business is based in Utah.

Sister Wives: Double Whammy…

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown have grown close since they left their Sister Wives shared-husband. Despite living hours away from Christine in Utah, the two got together often. Usually, Janelle heads to her best buddy Christine’s new home, where they’d join David in outdoor activities.

But instead of a few hours in a car to visit, if Janelle moves, then Christine Brown is a plane trip away. So, for Christine Brown, this could be the start of a move to the East Coast for some of the people closest to her. That’s why the latest reports indicate that Christine Brown is sad today.

She thought her grandkids would be close by, and she’d see them often.  But now that her daughter and her family are moving, things will likely change. And if the rumors are true about her best friend Janelle Brown moving, then she will be the grandmother figure her grandkids see the most.

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