‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Asks Fans For Help

Recently, Sister Wives star, Christine Brown Woolley requested fans to help her out. She understands more minds working together is better than one and asks for assistance for her and David Woolley.


Christine Brown - Sister Wives

Christine Brown Is On The Open Road

While the entire Brown family is starting a new chapter in their lives that doesn’t include their beloved Garrison Brown, many of the family are reminded to seize the day. For instance, Janelle Brown, Garrison’s biological mom, has embraced the new page as a sign to travel and spend as much quality time with the people she loves as she can. Likewise, Christine Brown and David Woolley are on their journey. They have taken to the road to see as much of the country as they can as well. But Christine hit a wall and is asking fans for help.


Christine Brown and David Woolley from Instagram

Christine Brown Woolley Asks Fans For Help

While traveling, Christine Brown Woolley asked if fans could help her out. On her Instagram page she says, “Road tripping and looking for some fun car games! What do you guys do with hours on the road with a teen?? 🙂 #roadtrip #roadtrippin #familytime #cargames.” Undeniably, she knows that using her resources to ask fans would greatly help her and David Woolley survive the road trip with a teen. And the request itself is a wonderful way to pass the time. In her Instagram Stories, she shows some of the suggestions from fans as well while Tim Halperin’s “Where The Adventure Begins” plays in the background.


Here we go

All we need is an open roadAnd a chance to seeA never-ending world that’s beautiful

Christine Brown asks fans for help. - Instagram

Fans Weigh In

In response to Christine Brown’s request, fans didn’t disappoint. They sent her and David Woolley many suggestions to help pass the time on the road.

  • “Start with the letter A going through all the way to Z. Naming things you see that start with the letter!”
  • “Listen to podcasts. There is a fun family road trip trivia one we all like.”
  • “We have a license plate game. We look for every state and mark them off. I have cards that then give details about that state. My son, who is 22, still enjoys it.”
Fans give her suggestions for road trip time passers. - Instagram
  • “Audiobooks. There are so so many good books we all look forward to like Good Omens, The Grave Yard Book, A Man Called Ove, Anxious People, Holes, Stardust, Lessons in Chemistry, Remarkably Intelligent Creatures…”
  • “VW Bug game spot all Volkswagens. No punching. We did as kids buts it’s 😢 mean 😢.”
David Woolley, Christine Brown, and Truley Brown. - Instagram

The Plot Thickens

Furthermore, one fan gave Christine Brown a fun suggestion to create a full storyline for passersby.

  • “If you want to laugh you HAVE to play this game. Me, my husband and our 22 year old daughter play it everytime on long trips. Sooo lol someone in the car gets to pick a car driving by you, you look to see who’s in the car and then you say ‘I bet you didn’t know’ and then you create a whole story about that person or persons in the vehicle. You give them names, what they do for work, hobbies, a funny story, literally ANYTHING as if you truly know these people. It can get reallllly hilarious 😂 SO basically you create this whole story. No rules which if it’s a car full of adults, you can imagine 😂😂 but since you’ll have a teen you can obviously keep it PG lol.”
She likes several of the suggestions. - Instagram

What do you think about Christine Brown Woolley asking for help? Do you have any great road trip time busters? Are you ready to catch up with the Brown family in the new Sister Wives season? Drop your comments below.

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