Sister Wives: Christine Shades Kody On Their ‘Nachos’ Anniversary!

The Nachos incident will always remain the most iconic incident in the history of Sister Wives. It became popular and is a source of intense criticism towards Kody. Apparently, his mere remark on the way Christine ate nachos during the early days of their relationship made it to the headlines, and neither Christine nor her viewers are letting it go now.


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After all this, Christine recently celebrated her “nachos” anniversary with David. She not only shaded Kody in her post but almost made a mean remark. What did she say? How did she celebrate her nachos’ anniversary?

Sister Wives: Christine Celebrates Nachos Anniversary & Shades Kody

Sister Wives star Christine Brown would never really get away with Kody after the remark he made about her love for nachos. She has been shading him for it since she met David Woolley. The couple even went on a date to eat this Mexican dish and talked about how they love to eat it with each other. Even after all this, it appears that Christine hasn’t had enough.

She recently took to Instagram and posted another “car confession” segment. She recorded herself standing at a gas station and revealed she was at the One Stop Big Horn Co-Op in Wyoming. Apparently, this was the same place where her nachos incident with Kody took place years back. Hence, Christine decided to celebrate her “nachos anniversary” and shaded her former husband in her recent story.


Christine recalled how Kody called her “chubby” and was “grossed” out after watching her eat nachos. She stated that during her road trip with David, she was passing by and decided to eat nachos just to have a kind of “nachos anniversary.” But that’s not all. Christine ended up shading Kody by playing with her words and concluding her video by saying, “But I’m ‘nachos’ anymore!.”

Sister Wives: What Is This Nachos Incident All About?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s recent shade is considered to be the shade of all time. She gave a loud and clear message to Kody that she wasn’t his anymore. Apparently, all of this started when Kody and Christine went on a road trip during the initial days of their marriage. They stopped at a gas station, and the latter decided to order nachos for herself.

This mere incident was something that couldn’t get out of Kody’s mind. He even mentioned it in Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage and made a mean comment. The celeb wrote that Christine ate “the largest portion of chili cheese nachos” in front of him, and he was grossed out because of it.

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Kody even called Christine “chubby” while he tried to assure his audience that he still liked her. However, this incident became a major source of controversy, and he has received backlash for it to date. Though this incident took place years before, Christine still hasn’t gotten over it, and she makes sure that she calls it even with Kody by shading him on social media.

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