SISTER WIVES Exclusive – MYKELTI & TONY are MOVING to NC !!! Fans are wondering WHY & WHEN

Mykelti Padron shocked ‘Sister Wives’ fans by announcing a planned move far from Utah. Now, those fans are trying to figure out why she’s heading east. They think a spinoff is in the works.

Mykelti Brown and her husband, Tony Padron, pose together for a photo as seen on 'Sister Wives’ on TLC.

The Brown family can never seem to stay in one place. Sister Wives fans have watched the massive, unconventional group move several times, both as a family and individually. Apparently, there is one more move in the works.

Mykelti Padron, the daughter of Christine Brown and Kody Brown, plans to move states. Sister Wives fans think she is moving to remain on TV.

Mykelti Padron announces that she’s moving to North Carolina

It’s time for the Brown family to start packing again. In a recent YouTube video, Mykelti announced she is moving her family from Utah to North Carolina in the coming months.

She and her husband, Tony Padron, have already started the process of selling their home, although they have yet to offer a timeline for the move.

Tony and Mykelti Padron pose together for engagement photos. The photos were featured on 'Sister Wives'
Tony and Mykelti Padron | TLC/YouTube

The move will take Tony and Mykelti within driving distance of Maddie and Caleb Brush. Maddie, the daughter of Janelle Brown and Kody Brown, is the only other Brown offspring with young children.

While Mykelti says she is not moving “specifically” to be close to Maddie, it’s a benefit. Fans think it’s more than a coincidence, though.



Maddie and Mykelti both have three children. Maddie welcomed her first son, Axel, in 2017. Her daughters, Evangeline and Josephine, followed in 2019 and 2023.

Mykelti and Tony welcomed their first child, Avalon Padron, in 2021. Twins Archer and Ace Padron joined the family in November 2023.

‘Sister Wives’ fans think Tony and Mykelti are moving for a spinoff show

When Mykelti announced her move to North Carolina, Sister Wives fans took to social media to discuss the potential reason behind the choice. Mykelti was coy when discussing her decision and refused to explain what would bring her and her family to the East Coast.

Still, fans of the series feel certain Mykelti and Tony are chasing reality TV stardom with the move. One Reddit user suggested Mykelti might be moving close to Maddie Brush for a Sister Wives spinoff. TLC has made no spinoff announcements.



While Sister Wives fans theorize that Mykelti and Tony are planning the big move to chase a reality TV career, they may be simply moving for the sake of moving.

Mykelti appears to have a bit of wanderlust, just like her father, Kody Brown. The upcoming move will be the couple’s second move in three years.

Mykelti and Tony initially settled in St. George, Utah, where Tony has family. In 2021, they announced their move to Lehi, Utah, where Mykelti spent time as a child.

They were in good company in the area, too. Christine Brown and David Woolley settled not far from the couple’s home. Aspyn Thompson and her husband, Mitch Thompson, also reside locally, as does Ysabel Brown.

Why did Maddie and Caleb Brush move to North Carolina?

Maddie Brush moved to North Carolina in 2016 so her husband, Caleb Brush, could pursue a career opportunity. He works as an elevator mechanic.

While the duo seems to have set down roots on the East Coast, Maddie is still deciding if she wants to stay long-term. According to Yahoo!, Maddie said she didn’t think North Carolina would be her forever home in 2023.

According to the publication, Maddie said both she and Caleb miss the snow and the mountains and would likely move again unless something really compelling kept them in North Carolina.

Caleb was raised in Wyoming, and Maddie spent most of her childhood in Utah before the Brown family moved to Las Vegas when she was a teen.

They don’t appear to have any family in North Carolina, but it has become a destination for Brown family vacations in recent years. Maddie has yet to comment on Mykelti’s big plans to move

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