SISTER WIVES Exclusive – Season 19 Teasers & Predictions

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“Sister Wives” Season 19 has long been anticipated, but a source close to the Brown family claims that the season will debut considerably earlier than expected. As Season 18 concluded, Kody Brown was left with only one wife, Robyn Brown, following the breakdown of his marriages to Janelle and Meri Brown. The cards started to fall after Christine Brown left him in 2021.

Ben Brown, Kody’s nephew, has revealed that the upcoming season of “Sister Wives” is scheduled to premiere in August 2024. Season 19 will tackle some extremely delicate topics, which the network probably wanted to disclose as soon as possible to clarify what’s been going on in the Brown family. Even though the seasons usually premiere later in the year, Ben said that “Sister Wives” Season 19 will premiere in early August. He intends to watch the show for the first time to witness some challenging, painful family drama. Ben will be launching a new series on his TikTok account where he reacts to the show leading up to its newest season.

Although raised in polygamy with his father, Ben Brown, the older brother of Kody, hasn’t made an appearance on “Sister Wives” in the show’s lengthy history. He clarified that because he had only ever seen one episode of the show, he would be responding to it from the start. Ben laughed at the recap of “Sister Wives” 2010 season opener and expressed his thoughts about the show’s future direction, all while being entertained by the way his uncle was represented. Despite the first episode showing Kody and his three original wives coming to terms with Robyn joining their family, the program has evolved over time.

With the upcoming season drawing near, fans are eager to discover what’s been happening with the Brown family. Following her breakup with Kody, Janelle Brown still calls Flagstaff, Arizona home. She voiced grave concerns about her financial situation and explained her current living arrangement on Instagram, sharing a video of herself sipping coffee and gazing off into the horizon. Janelle explained that she resides close to her three youngest children who are still in Flagstaff.

Fans were surprised that Janelle hadn’t moved months after her breakup with Kody in December 2022. According to a report by the US Sun, Janelle still owns her share of the land that the polygamous household bought after moving from Las Vegas to Flagstaff. The current season of “Sister Wives” has been following the disintegration of Kody and Janelle’s spiritual marriage. Christine, Kody’s third wife, announced her separation from the marriage in November 2021 following a heated altercation.

Janelle said, “I have nothing financially. I’m bound to this property. Everything concerning my estate, including savings and cash, is linked to this property. I am a smart woman and I have done this very dumb thing. I put my trust in this family system, yet I’m in a serious bind right now at 50. I have nothing.” Despite their breakup, Janelle and Kody still own their piece of land on Coyote Pass, purchased in 2018.

Fans have speculated about the authenticity of Janelle and Kody’s breakup, suggesting it might be staged for ratings. Some believe the separation seems too convenient and dramatic, leading to doubts about its reality. Janelle’s continued presence in Flagstaff and her financial concerns have fueled further speculation about the true nature of her relationship with Kody.

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