Sister Wives: Fans Suspect Marital Issues Between Mykelti & Hubby Tony!

Fans have grown curious about the status of Sister Wives star Mykelti and her husband Tony Padron’s marriage since June 2024. Mykelti and Tony Padron tied the knot in December 2016 and announced they were expecting their first child in September 2020. They are also parents to twins Archer and Ace. Recently, news surfaced about Mykelti and Tony moving to North Carolina, away from the bulk of the Brown family.


Sister Wives

The couple seemingly leads a happy marriage life with their three children and their reasoning to move away did not raise eyebrows. However, a recent clip of the married couple from the TLC show has gone viral, leading to fans suspect that things between the pair may not be as they seem. So, what do fans think of Mykelti and her husband Tony’s relationship? Let’s find out.

Sister Wives: Tony Forgot To Call Mykelti On Her Birthday

Mykelti and Tony have never been fan favorites because of their personalities and relationship dynamics. Earlier this year, rumors began circulating of a split between the couple after Tony was rarely seen on Mykelti’s Instagram since Valentine’s Day. However, Mykelti shut down the speculation by sharing a message on her Instagram stories on March 24.

“People, I’m still married!” She wrote, accompanied by a picture of her and Tony having lunch. “Don’t assume anything just because he’s not in every movie. Stop assuming just because he’s not in EVERY. SINGLE. POST. that he’s not mine.”

While Mykelti debunked the rumors of separation, speculations of trouble in paradise are still running high. In a clip from the show, Tony confessed to not calling Mykelti on her birthday which was on June 9. The father of three explained that he was busy playing chess for nine hours that day. Thus, did not get a chance to wish her on her special day.

However, Tony confirmed that he did wish Mykelti a day before the special occasion. This angered Sister Wives fans, who detected visible marital issues and questioned how Tony could not even carve out a minute to call and wish his wife.

A Redditor wrote, “I’d be extremely hurt by both. I mean, I guess if you agreed that there was zero possibility of being able to talk on your actual birthday, then wishing a happy birthday the day before would be ok. how did he have ZERO time either before or right after those 9 hours?”

Another upset Sister Wives fan pointed out, “You’re telling me he didn’t have a bathroom break in 9 hours? A lunch break? Thats bullsh*t!!” Fans are visibly upset, but Mykelti is not making an issue out of it. She also mentioned that Kody did not call her either. Hence, brushed it all off as no big deal.

Sister Wives: Why Is Mykelti Moving To North Carolina?

During a YouTube live session on June 14, Mykelti announced that she was moving to North Carolina with her husband and their three children. The Sister Wives star did not reveal the exact reason behind their move but it seemed like she was ready for a change.

Tony explained that the couple has decided to sell their home in Utah because the move is “very expensive.” He added, “The whole packing has started, so it’s going to be a lot.” Mykelti also clarified that her cousin Maddie, who also resides in North Carolina, did not influence their decision. Although it is a benefit, it is likely that Mykelti is moving to North Carolina for a change of lifestyle.

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