Sister Wives: Fans Think It’s Time For Meri To Hire A PR Team! Or Is It Too Late?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has created a whole new world for herself. She is no longer trapped in the agonies of her polygamy life and is living every moment to its fullest. The celeb has shifted her focus solely on herself and is doing everything for her own betterment. However, viewers recently noticed something shocking.


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They noted some clues and concluded that it was way “too late” for Meri Brown. They called her out for something shocking. What is this all about? Is Meri really late for something? What is she up to now?

Sister Wives: Fans Say Meri Is Too Late! But For What?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown keeps her audience updated about her new life on social media. She shares glimpses of her whereabouts, and fans are happy to know that the celeb has finally moved on. However, it still appears that there are some aspects that don’t really sit well with her audience.

Some critics recently wondered on a Reddit thread whether Meri has a “PR” team or not. The OP begged her to fire her team as soon as possible. The thread talked about how the celeb could have gotten support and appreciation from her viewers just like Christine gets if things had been right.

But the OP feels that the way Meri handles her “responses and storylines,” it’s just too “late” for her to do the damage control. Several users agreed and recalled how there have been uncountable instances when Meri’s social media presence was really “off.” A user even wrote, “I agree. I am not Meri’s biggest fan.” Another one added, “She has a history of hiding “uncomfortable truths.”

Someone even explained how Meri tends to be always “guarded.” The user wondered if she even wanted any kind of “storylines” on and off the show because she simply doesn’t seem to be of that sort at all.

Sister Wives: Does Meri Brown Really Have A PR Team?

While several Sister Wives viewers are convinced that Meri has a PR team, others wonder if this is true or not. Apparently, her feed on Instagram appears to be a unique version of herself. The celeb’s posts are candid, and she clearly doesn’t calculate the pros and cons before sharing anything on social media.


Meri’s profile is all about her new business and all the trips she has been talking about. She recently shared a carousel of pictures from her latest outing. The celeb went to Animal Kingdom with her close friends and enjoyed it a lot. Meri even added to her caption, “Daycation Florida is in the books!.” But that’s not all.

Meri replied to several of her viewers, and her replies made it clear that she was the one commenting and not any kind of PR team. Though there have been instances when she has received backlash from her audience, many of them still support her and love getting updates from her.

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