Sister Wives: Fans Upset As Season 19 Spoilers Leak — Kody Will Be The Same Old!

Sister Wives is slowly becoming one of the longest-running shows on TLC. Kody and his four wives had debuted on screen more than a decade ago. Earlier, they were somewhat happy in their plural marriage arrangement until they weren’t. Soon, Christine decided to part ways with her husband, and Janelle and Meri did the same.


Sister Wives

The previous season featured Kody and Robyn navigating the family fallout. Meanwhile, Janelle and Meri considered what life would be like after leaving the family. Well, the new season of the show will likely be out in a few months. There is a buzz on the internet about the potential storyline of Season 19. Fans are as disappointed as ever after learning about Kody’s storyline.

Sister Wives: Fans Want TLC To Cancel The Show Instead Of Airing The Same Old Storylines!

Sister Wives will soon be releasing Season 19, and fans have been as curious as ever. In the previous seasons, the family fallout happened after Christine, Janelle, and Meri decided to leave, too. Well, all of this backfired on Kody and Robyn, as they wanted the family to be together. But after how they mistreated the rest of the spouses, it was bound to happen. Surprisingly, they still refused to take accountability for it and blamed the rest of them for leaving.

Sister Wives

As per Mykelti’s videos on Patreon, there is a buzz that viewers will get to see Kody and Robyn navigate monogamy. At first, the latter was okay with her husband bringing in more wives. But the polygamist decided it would be better if he worked on his lasting and the only remaining relationship. Fans had seen Kody suffer, and this was the case in the last two seasons as well.

Hence, the Sister Wives fans were annoyed. That’s because Kody has had the same storyline for the last two seasons. He appears to be upset and depressed after the fallout. But it’s not enough for fans to be sympathizing with him. So, they were requesting TLC to focus on other cast members and not him from the next season.

Sister Wives: Fans Also Upset With Christine’s Played Out Storyline!

This year, in January, Sister Wives fans got a pleasant surprise. Christine had already been flaunting her new relationship with David Woolley on social media. He also starred alongside her in the new Tell All. The couple also tied the knot in October 2023. Hence, TLC decided to give them a special to showcase their wedding

Sister Wives

Mykelti mentioned that fans will see her mother begin to date David in the upcoming seasons. That’s because the footage that will be aired is nearly two years old. Fans didn’t like this change and argued it was pointless to see Christine in the dating phase with David when they already knew she had tied the knot with him.

Do you agree with the fanbase’s opinions? What do you think Season 19 should cover about the family? Tell us in the comments below.

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