Sister Wives: Is Janelle Brown Cancer Free Now? [2024 Update]

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has started a completely new chapter in her life. She has parted ways with all kinds of toxicity and chaos while she is solely focusing on herself these days. However, even after all this, viewers are still concerned about the celeb’s health because of her previous cancer diagnosis.



Janelle was initially diagnosed with cancer in 2021, which further returned in early 2024. That made viewers wonder what the current situation of her cancer was and if she was still struggling with it. What is the celeb up to these days? Is Janelle living a cancer-free life now?

Sister Wives: Is Janelle Brown Living A Cancer-Free Life? 2024 Update

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown ended up having “basal cell carcinoma,” which she initially neglected. She had to undergo lip surgery to fix it and lived a healthy life for almost four years. However, the celeb opened up about her cancer return in March that she had two “pre-cancerous spots” and a “tiny lump.”



Janelle even shared a picture of the lump that she had on her lips. She again had to undergo surgery to get it removed. The celeb begged her audience not to take their skin lightly and go for regular appointments. After all this, viewers were now curious to know if Janelle was doing fine or not after almost 4 months of her cancer treatment.

Janelle recently shared a clip in which she was promoting a plant-based detox. While she was promoting the product, viewers were quick to notice her lips. Apparently, the celeb had a minor scar, which was negligible, and was completely covered up with her pink lipstick. Janelle seemed to be completely fine, and her lips appeared to be normal. Hence, as per her latest sighting, it is evident that she is living a cancer-free life.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Is Healthy & Cancer-Free

The last few months weren’t easy for Sister Wives star Janelle Brown. She initially had to deal with her cancer and had to undergo surgery. But that’s not all. The celeb also ended up losing Garrison Brown, which was a heartbreaking moment for her. Janelle mourned the death of her son for a while and then decided to move on in her life.


Hence, Janelle has been trying her best to get her life back on track. She is traveling a lot these days and spending time with her kids as well. However, this doesn’t mean that she is taking her health for granted. Janelle has been equally focusing on weight loss, which is evident from her curves. She is taking her journey seriously, and the results are clearly visible.

Janelle’s skin is evidently glowing, and viewers feel that she is ageing backwards. She has a well-toned body with an angular face and visible curves. But the best part is that the celeb is eventually overcoming her grief as well. There have been instances in the last few weeks when Janelle has been featured smiling and genuinely enjoying her cancer-free life.

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