‘Sister Wives’ Is Janelle Brown’s Son Hunter Getting Married?

Paedon and Hunter Brown seldom come up in a discussion about Sister Wives at the moment as the family has gone quiet about Kody Brown on social media. But, something Paedon said made fans think that one of the OG sons might be getting married, and it’s not him. However, they also wonder if perhaps he was taken out of context. Read on to find out what TLC fans think.


Janelle Brown - Hunter Brown

Paedon Brown Used To Drip Snark On Social Media

After calling out Meri Brown for allegedly abusing some of the kids, Christine Brown Woolley’s son also clapped at his dad, Kody. But then, he stopped doing that and started getting lighthearted with his mom and Janelle Brown. In a recent video on TikTok, he told his fans that soon he’d be going to his “brother’s Bachelor party.”


Paedon Brown

The Sister Wives mystery as to which son is getting married seemed complicated because some TLC think it was an old post that went up. Also, some people thought that the account it was on didn’t belong to Paedon Brown. In any event, he did say it, and the conversation happened when he talked to Christine Brown.



Is One Of Janelle Brown’s Sons Marrying?

Recently, Hunter Brown has been looking very happy on Instagram. Additionally, Janelle is smiling as well. TLC fans think that in one post, she hinted that Hunter was getting engaged. So, Christine’s son might mean that he was going to a bachelor party for him. On the other hand, the post might be old and refer to Logan Brown marrying Michelle Petty.


Logan Brown & Michelle Petty From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @janellebrown117 Instagram


On Reddit, a Sister Wives fan wrote about a son of Kody Brown getting married. In the caption, the OP wrote:

Which brother is getting married?
Paedon says on TT that his is going to his brothers bachelor party.


In the discussion, various ideas were thrown around. Here are some of them, including why TLC fans think if anyone is marrying then it’s likely to be Janelle Brown’s son, Hunter Brown:

  • Probably Hunter, Logan is already married and I doubt it’s Gabe.
  • That’s probably an impersonator recycling Paedon’s video from when Logan got married.
  • Could this also be an older post too and Logan already married[?]
  • I think it was in a description Janelle made in her Instagram that Hunter is engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Audrey.
  • That would be great news. Hunter is a good man. They deserve to celebrate together again after so much tragedy.
  • Probably Hunter, Logan is already married and I doubt it’s Gabe.

What are your thoughts about Paedon Brown saying that he was going to a bachelor party for one of his brothers? Do you think the Sister Wives OG post might be about Logan who is already married? If one of Janelle Brown’s sons is getting married, do you think it is probably Hunter Brown? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Sister Wives news.

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