Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown’s New Company “Worthy Up” A Scam

Mary Brown, known from “Sister Wives,” has launched a new venture called “Worthy Up,” sparking intrigue and controversy. Positioned as a platform for personal growth and community support, Worthy Up aims to empower individuals on their journey to self-discovery.

Brown’s move into entrepreneurship comes at a time of uncertainty for the Brown family’s reality TV show. While some have embraced Worthy Up, others question its legitimacy and efficacy. The platform’s thematic alignment with Brown’s social media presence, focused on personal growth and wellness, suggests a genuine effort to channel her passions into a tangible venture.

However, the reception has been mixed, with critics and skeptics scrutinizing Worthy Up for signs of legitimacy, especially given Brown’s reality TV fame. The pricing structure has been a point of contention, with an annual membership fee of $150, raising concerns about affordability and inclusivity.

Supporters argue that the fee is necessary to maintain the platform’s sustainability, covering costs like content curation and community management. They believe the benefits of belonging to such a community outweigh the financial commitment, viewing it as an investment in personal growth.

The debate surrounding Worthy Up’s membership fees highlights broader questions about the commercialization of self-help and personal development. While some see it as an opportunity to invest in their growth journey, others see it as a barrier to entry for those with financial constraints.

As Mary Brown navigates the scrutiny surrounding Worthy Up, only time will tell if it fulfills its promises of empowerment and community support or fades into obscurity. Whether Worthy Up is perceived as a valuable resource or a questionable endeavor depends on individual perspectives and priorities.


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