‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Gets Handsome Young Date For Gala

Recently, Sister Wives star, Janelle Brown, gave fans a glimpse of her handsome gala date. While she is traveling, she has been updating fans about her adventures. As she takes some time to party in Vegas, she shows off her plus-one and snazzy attire. In many ways, she is seizing the day and trying to enjoy every moment she has.


Janelle Brown - Sister Wives

Embracing A New Lease On Life

Not only is Janelle Brown using her time to enjoy traveling and family, but she is taking on new challenges along the way. Undeniably, Janelle has a new lease on life. Whether it is her releasing the constraints of the plural marriage with Kody Brown or the realization that life is too short, she is glowing with her newfound independence. Perhaps her growth is in learning about herself and finding peace even when the circumstances she has been dealt in life are sometimes overwhelming. One of the most notable changes is her attention to her health and happiness. Seemingly, she is valuing her personal needs far more than she has in the past. Along with her health journey, she is also establishing a business. In her recent travels, she found her way to a Plexus convention in Vegas.


Janelle Brown - Sister Wives

Janelle Brown Gets Handsome Young Date For Gala

As Janelle Brown continues to make strides in her business life, her wanderings have landed her back in Vegas. Undoubtedly, some of her past and present lives are colliding with the Plexus convention taking place in Las Vegas, NV, where the Brown family resided for more than seven years. On Janelle Brown’s Instagram page, she says, “One of the great things about Plexus holding the convention in Vegas is they my kids are here. Logan came over and was my +1 for the black tie gala 😀.” She feels so blessed to combine her work and family priorities at the same time.


She gets to take Logan Brown on a Plexus Gala date. - Instagram

Fans Were Happy To See Janelle Brown And Her Handsome Date

After Janelle Brown added her update of who she gets to take on a date in Vegas, Sister Wives fans sent sweet comments her way.

  • “I always thought Logan looked like Kody but looking at this picture it’s Janelle all over from the smile to the nose and the eyes.”
  • “you look beautiful & cheerful & Joyful 💕 enjoy yourself.”
  • “Oh my gosh, that is amazing 💓😭.”
  • “The pink looks great on you!”
  • “Logan is such a handsome young man!”
  • “You are so beautiful and Logan is a handsome man.”
  • “You two look great! 😍 So sweet that you could go with Logan!!”


Janelle Brown & Logan Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @janellebrown117 Instagram

What do you think about Janelle Brown’s handsome gala date? Were you surprised by her plus one? Are you ready to see new episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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