Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Pursues Her Dream, Opens Flower Business!

Janelle Brown has always been seen as a hardworking woman with a career. But the past few years have been hard for her. First, she left her difficult marriage with Kody Brown in 2022 due to many serious differences. Then, in March 2024, she faced the tragic death of her son, Garrison. The Sister Wives star has faced big changes in her life, but she is trying to stay positive and move forward. As a mother of six, Janelle maintains her family as her priority and is often seen spending time with her kids.


Sister Wives

Although her relationship with her ex-husband might still be difficult, she is not letting it affect her. Recently, Janelle has reportedly started a new business based on a long-standing hobby of hers. Fans of Sister Wives have known about Janelle’s interest in this for a long time. So, what is Janelle Brown’s new business? Keep reading to find out.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Opens Flower Business In Arizona!

Despite the tough years she has faced, Janelle Brown has risen from the flames like a phoenix. The news of her son Garrison’s death shook the Brown family, but Janelle does not seem to dwell on the past. She is now pursuing her dreams and achieving higher feats in her life. Sister Wives star is not only spending quality time with her family but also turning her favorite hobbies into successful career ventures.

Recently, Janelle was spotted enjoying her time in Las Vegas, Nevada. The city is familiar to the TLC star, as the Brown family resided there for more than seven years before moving to Flagstaff, Arizona, in 2018. On Instagram, Janelle shared her first night in Vegas with her friend Alice Goldstein, where they rode the High Roller for the first time. Janelle was in the city to attend the annual Plexus convention. She attended the black-tie gala night with her son Logan.


Adding to her many business pursuits, Janelle is turning her favorite hobby into a huge business venture. According to an Instagram page, Janelle, known for her passion for gardening, is working on a small-cut flower business. “Jenelle Brown has filed business documents to open up a flower farm in Flagstaff,” the caption read.

They added, “Jenelle has long shared dreams about gardening and farming. Is she making this a reality?.#sisterwives.” A Reddit post provided more details, sharing a screenshot of the Sister Wives star’s flower business, Taeda Farms. The official trademark page shows Janelle as the sole owner, with Leigh Freeman as her attorney. The application was reportedly filed on February 28, 2024.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Has Other Businesses, Too!

The Sister Wives star, 55, is certainly a career woman, and Taeda Farms is not the only business under her name. Before delving into the flower farm business, a passion she shared with her late son Garrison, Janelle explored startup businesses and real estate.


According to Arizona business records, Janelle has an LLC filed for “Janelle Brown Production” since December 29, 2022. On the same day, she also filed an LLC for her online health coaching business, “Strive With Janelle.” This isn’t all, as the TLC star also runs a weight loss business, Janelle Brown Plexus.

Additionally, she has shown interest in real estate, although this was more of a side job. It is speculated that Janelle never sold more than 10 homes during her time as an agent, which eventually led her to leave the industry.

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