Sister Wives! Janelle Drop Bombshell Shocking News About Kody’s Marriage! It Will Shock You

In a recent revelation, “Sister Wives” star Cody Brown expressed concerns about his reputation, aiming to avoid being labeled the “marrying guy.” He was apprehensive about the show’s debut on TLC, fearing it might not align with his vision. Despite his proactive approach in anticipating potential issues, the network’s initial concept clashed with his plans. TLC wanted the series to kick off with Cody marrying his fourth wife, Robin Brown, which both Cody and Robin found inappropriate. They believed the focus should be on the entire family, including Cody’s first three wives: Mary Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle Brown. Cody’s insistence on highlighting the family dynamic before his wedding to Robin was met with skepticism and concern, particularly from Robin, who was wary of overshadowing the existing wives. Meanwhile, Janelle Brown, often seen as the most levelheaded among the co-wives, surprised fans by advocating for sun exposure, sharing her experiences following a recent skin cancer diagnosis. Janelle’s health-oriented lifestyle brand, Strive, emphasizes healthy living, making her endorsement of sunbathing somewhat unexpected but rooted in personal experience. Additionally, Janelle hinted at a new season of “Sister Wives,” advising fans to stay tuned for updates. This news follows Christine Brown’s confirmation of a new season during a live online sale, hinting at the inclusion of Isabelle Brown’s scoliosis journey and Mykelti Brown’s pregnancy. While the exact premiere date of the new season is yet to be announced, fans speculate that it could air in January, as per the show’s historical pattern. Despite ongoing drama within the Brown family, including Cody’s strained relationship with his older children, “Sister Wives” enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the new season, which promises to delve into both personal struggles and joyful milestones within the polygamous family.

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