Sister Wives – Kody Blames Meri For The Sins Of His Father

Cody Brown, star of the reality TV show Sister Wives, recently made a statement that has sparked discussions among fans. In a Reddit thread, a user highlighted Cody’s complex feelings towards his first wife, Mary. Cody expressed that while he will always love Mary and consider her a friend, he cannot do so at the cost of his soul. This statement has led to speculation that Cody may resent Mary for his struggles with polygamy, possibly blaming her for the challenges he faces in his plural marriage lifestyle.

This sentiment is not entirely unfounded, as Cody has hinted at deep-seated resentment towards Mary, which some believe he actually carries for his father. Cody’s upbringing was marked by turmoil, and he has spoken openly about his father’s conversion to a polygamous faith and the impact it had on his family. This has led some to suggest that Cody’s issues with polygamy stem from unresolved childhood trauma and resentment towards his father for introducing him to this way of life.

Furthermore, Cody’s statement about his family being an obstacle to his goals has raised eyebrows. Some viewers question how a family, which is central to the polygamous lifestyle, could be viewed as an obstacle if the goal is to achieve the highest levels of the Celestial Kingdom, as Cody believes. This has led to speculation that Cody’s unhappiness and resentment towards his family may be rooted in deeper issues with polygamy itself, rather than specific individuals within his family.

Cody’s relationship history also sheds light on his complex feelings towards polygamy. His marriages to Mary, Janelle, and Christine have been viewed by some as strategic moves to gain favor and status within his church and family, rather than genuine love matches. While Cody may have grown to love each of his wives at different times, there is a sense that his resentment towards polygamy has grown over the years, leading to strained relationships and unnecessary cruelty towards Mary and Christine in particular.

In conclusion, Cody Brown’s struggles with polygamy and his family dynamics are complex and multifaceted. While he may have genuine feelings of love and affection towards his wives, his resentment towards polygamy itself and his unresolved issues with his upbringing seem to be at the root of his unhappiness. Whether Cody will address these issues through therapy and change the trajectory of his relationships remains to be seen.

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