Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s REAL Height Exposed In A Rare Sighting!

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is someone who is obsessed with his looks. He loves maintaining his appearance and looking the best in the room. Hence, the celeb does everything under the sun to maintain his youth, and people have accused him of undergoing the knife as well. Amid all this, fans ended up sighting him.



Kody was recently sighted in the wild, and viewers got a chance to have a closer look at him. They were in shock when they noticed his real height. Is he really short? What did they notice? What is this all about?

Sister Wives: Kody’s Real Height REVEALED In A Rare Sighting

Sister Wives fans mainly get a chance to watch Kody Brown during his appearance on the show. Hence, their access to the camera frames is limited, and they are only able to watch highly edited content. However, some eagle-eyed viewers don’t leave any chance to keep an eye on the celeb and get more content about him.

A Reddit thread recently started with some pictures of Kody Brown. He was spotted at the Target in Spanish Fork, Utah. The celeb wore dark blue jeans along with a light blue T-shirt. Kody was walking around the mall while he was evidently shopping. The OP also noted that he was present there with one of his daughters from Robyn.


While viewers were happy to see that Kody had been “domesticated” and was helping Robyn with her domestic chores, they were quick to note his height. Apparently, several fans felt that the celeb was a short person in real life. A user wrote, “He is so short!.” Another one added, “He’s a chode for sure, short and stocky.” Someone further commented, “His legs are so short.” Hence, viewers concluded that Kody isn’t as tall as the frame of Sister Wives shows him.

Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown Using Steroids To Maintain His Body Shape?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been accused of altering his appearance. Fans have started to feel that his face has completely changed now. Though the celeb is ageing, and that could be the reason for the changes, viewers believe that he has been making efforts. Hence, Kody has faced accusations of using Botox and getting lip fillers as well.


sister wives

Some fans noted that his lips now have a completely different shape, which he never really had in the past. Along with these controversies, fans were in shock when they saw his recent pictures. Many of them stated that the celeb’s posture was also a bit different. A user wrote, “Looks like he still uses steroids if you see his body shape.” The noted fan explained how Kody’s “trapezius muscle” was clearly indicating his use of steroids.

Another one agreed that the use of “Fillers, Botox, roids” was visible from Kody’s body. Fans agreed to the accusations and concluded that Kody was perhaps on something. Apparently, this isn’t the first time when viewers have noted his weird body shape and accused him of several things.

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