Sister Wives: Kody Cover-Up Revealed Ahead of Season 19?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown often said his wives have freedom, but a family member speaks up to suggest what that looks like when the TLC series cameras stop rolling. After watching Kody over the years, fans often heard that the wives had freedom, but from what a family member recently reported, their freedom looks different from what you might think.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Prides Himself on Wives’s Freedom

When Kody Brown first hit the TLC screen, he offered the viewers a clear and decisive mission statement. He wanted to show the world how polygamy doesn’t make a family any different from a one-father and one-mother home.

Some may say Kody failed. Still, others may even say he failed miserably, now that he has one wife left out of four. One of the things Kody Brown tried to drive home to the audience was that his wives have freedom.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives: TLC

But now his nephew comes along to challenge Kody’s perception of the freedom offered to his brides in the Sister Wives series. The freedom he awarded his wives is something that the once-shared husband seems to pride himself on.

What Freedom Looked Like for Polygamous Wives

Over the last few seasons, Sister Wives fans heard this patriarch say his wives are free to leave, but he is not. Well, there’s more than one way for a husband to end a marriage.

And making life so miserable that a wife has no choice but to leave is one of them. So, for fans, the wives didn’t exercise their freedom to leave. Instead, they lacked the freedom to stay when conditions were made unbearable.

Fans suggest this is how Kody did it, but he covers this up by saying his wives left him. The Sister Wives fans watched as he pushed them out. So from where the viewers sat, he initiated the ruin of his three marriages. But, he then called it his wives’ freedom to do so.

This seemed like a cover-up to fans, and it is a more recent event. But as a family member points out, there were plenty of other incidents you might call a cover-up.

Sister Wives: Kody’s Cover-Up?

Ben Brown is the son of Kody Brown’s brother. He’s never been on the Sister Wives show. But, he now has a research project of sorts going on. And it looks like Kody Brown and his now-defunct marriage is at the center of it all.

Ben plans to watch the full Sister Wives series, all 18 seasons, and the upcoming Season 19. After each episode, he offers comments filled with comparisons to his polygamous upbringing. But the experiences within his polygamous family prompted him to “escape,” because it was not good.

Like Ben heard inside his immediate family, The Sister Wives ladies suggested polygamy offers freedom. But his nephew sarcastically describes what that looks like for Kody’s ladies. Ben suggests. In the Sister Wives case, the wives’ freedom included staying home with their kids as their shared husband ran around with Robyn Brown.

Ben explained how life is centered on the patriarch in their religion. So, everything is filtered through the husband. He’s already noticed with Kody that it’s all about him. It’s not we, instead, he refers to everything as “his”. He talks about his family, his wives, his kids, his car, and the Sister Wives show tells his story.

So, from Ben’s perspective, Kody runs the family. He suggests his uncle is just like his father, as Kody loves to be called a father, but he doesn’t put in the time or work to be a dad to his 18 kids. So while Kody Brown offered transparency into his family for the Sister Wives show, he’s still covering up things.

Fans can’t wait until Ben Brown gets into the later seasons of this TLC series, they suggest he’ll find a treasure trove of behavior for his comments.

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