Sister Wives Kody, Ex-Wives & 18 Children in 2024: Family Update

The Brown family has undergone a remarkable transformation since their introduction on the inaugural season of “Sister Wives” in 2010. Following the dissolution of Kody’s marriages to Christine, Janelle, and Meri, the trio has embarked on a journey of self-discovery, embracing new adventures, forging new connections, and relishing newfound freedom. Meanwhile, the sole remaining sister wife, Robyn, is grappling with challenges in her new monogamous marriage.

In 2024, Kody is beginning a new chapter after the demise of his polygamous family. In a recent interview with People, the TLC star openly shared his hope for a future filled with forgiveness and deeper understanding with his exes. With three of his marriages ending in just 14 months, the 55-year-old acknowledges the toll it took on his self-esteem. Despite the challenges, he remains optimistic, expressing a desire for a genuine friendship with Meri, which he believes can blossom once they release the ties of their past connection.

Not only have Kody’s marriages ended abruptly, but his family business, Kody Brown Family Entertainment LLC, which listed him, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn as business managers, officially concluded last October. Despite the dissolution of the family business in Nevada, the company license remains active in Arizona, where Kody and his only remaining wife currently reside.

Meri, involved from the beginning of Kody’s polygamous family, has moved on with a new man. In January, on her 53rd birthday, she introduced fans to her new boyfriend, Amos Andrews, whom she’s been dating since October. She wrote on Instagram, “He’s not 6’6 nor is he a pilot, but he loves Christmas almost as much as I do, and we laugh a lot together.” Additionally, Meri welcomed a new member into her family, a dog named Zona.

Janelle appears to be enjoying her new life, traveling back and forth to the East Coast to be near her grandchildren and working on becoming the healthiest version of herself. Proudly declaring herself single, Janelle inspires countless fans on social media. Last August, she appeared in People magazine alongside former sister wife Christine. The duo shared their story and showcased why their failed marriages won’t stop them from achieving success and happiness in life.

Christine discovered love once more with David Woolley. In February 2023, she introduced her new beau to the world, and last October, they exchanged vows at Red Cliffs Lodge in Utah. Christine’s wedding to David was a dream come true, as she finally wore a white dress and walked down the aisle with her father. Their union took center stage in a two-part special named “Sister Wives: Christine and David’s Wedding.”

Robyn continues on the path to healing following the breakup of the Sister Wives Club. In an interview with People, she confessed to seeing a therapist and confirmed that she never considered leaving Kody, despite the strain on their marriage. Unlike Kody’s former wives, who are exploring their newfound freedom on social media, Robyn and Kody opt for a quieter approach, diligently working on their relationship away from the spectacle of social media.

Big congratulations are in store for Leon, the only child of Kody and Meri, who officially tied the knot with their fiancé, Audrey Kriss, at a courthouse in Colorado in October 2022. The couple, who initially met while attending Westminster College, got engaged in January 2019 at the Women’s March in Washington, DC.

Logan has consistently opted for a more private lifestyle. Last October marked the first wedding anniversary for Logan and his wife, Michelle Petty. It seems the couple is prioritizing their careers over parenthood at the moment, with Logan working as a director for strategic operations and Michelle serving as an operations coordinator at the University of Nevada.

Madison, in a whirlwind of motherhood with three children, recently celebrated her youngest, Josephine’s, first birthday in February. Hunter, after graduating from the Air Force Academy, is currently employed as a nurse within the Valley Healthcare System and is building a beautiful life with his girlfriend, Audrey Hubert.

The discord between Kody and his sons, Garrison and Gabriel, started during the COVID-19 pandemic. Garrison moved out of the family home and invested in a house in Arizona. Gabriel, currently a student at Northern Arizona University, is thriving in Flagstaff.

Savannah shares glimpses of her adventures with her mom, Janelle, on Instagram. Aspen, leading a private life, often appears at family gatherings. Mykelti and her husband, Tony, recently celebrated seven years of marriage, showcasing their remarkable weight loss journeys.

The Brown family’s journey continues to captivate viewers, as they navigate their new lives and relationships while maintaining connections with each other. Despite the challenges and transformations, the Browns remain a symbol of resilience and adaptability.

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