Sister Wives: Kody Faces A Low Blow As All 17 Kids Ignore Him On Father’s Day!

Kody Brown has been a part of the reality TV world for more than a decade, Even after starring as one of the leads in Sister Wives, he couldn’t mend his image. The celeb was earlier in trouble for not treating his wives equally and always preferring Robyn. At last, Kody began getting biased with his kids, too.


Sister Wives

All of this didn’t end nicely. Apparently, when Christine, Jenelle and Meri dumped him, their kids also began speaking up. They have blamed him time and again for not stepping up when they needed them the most. At last, as the world celebrated Father’s Day yesterday, Kody’s kids social media activies were proof enough how their bond with him is these days.

Sister Wives: Kody Gets Trolled For Father’s Day! No Kids Wished Him

It’s been a long while since Sister Wives saw Kody and his former wives on TV. He is only married to Robyn now as all other spouses decided it would be better to dump him. Their kids also supported them as they made this decision. There had been many instances in the show itself where fans saw how Kody would prefer Robyn’s kids than the rest of them.

Ysabel had an important scoliosis surgery but Kody preferred to stay indoors instead of accompanying his daughter. He also threatened to get Gabe and Garrison kicked out of Janelle’s house as they disobeyed his rules. All of this had left a mark in his already strained bond with them. So, as the world celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday, none of Kody’s kids wished him.

Sister Wives

As Sister Wives fans saw this happen on social media, they took to Reddit to discuss it. Some were shocked as Mykelti, one of the oldest kids who is supposed to be close to Kody and Robyn also didn’t wish him. Others laughed by quoting, “when you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” A Redditor also said how this incident just says alot about how Kody’s current bond with his kids is.

Sister Wives: All Of Kody’s Ex Wives Also Ignore Him On Father’s Day!

While Kody’s kids didn’t bother to celebrate him on Father’s Day, their thoughts may have matches with his ex wives. The Sister Wives fans also noticed how they also didn’t bother to dedicate a single post to him. Christine couldn’t stop gushing about her husband, David Woolley. After all, Christine’s kids also accepted him rather warmly when he got married to her.



As far as Meri is concerned, she also decided to pay a tribute to her late father with a rather handsome picture of him from when he was in the police. Everyone in the comments rushed to wish her strenght. But there was no post on this occasion from Janelle. Well, it serves Kody right for how he handled things.

Do you think Kody will get a redemption arc in the new season? Will he eventually be able to mend his bond with Meri, Janelle and Christine’s kids? Tell us how you feel about this.


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