Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn’s Daughter Is All Set To Get Married On Season 19?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown tends to keep her kids’ lives away from the limelight. Apparently, she keeps them under wraps and tends not to reveal anything about them. Hence, there have been several instances when the celeb has concealed information about her children. Amid all this, viewers noticed a shocking sign.

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Some eagle-eyed fans pointed out at the chances of Aurora walking down the aisle. But that’s not all. They shared some proof and left the viewers in disbelief. Is this true? Is Kody and Robyn’s daughter about to get married in Season 19?

Sister Wives: Aurora Is Getting Married On Season 19?

Sister Wives Season 18 left many questions in the minds of the viewers. They were curious to know what the upcoming edition would have to offer, and they noted some shocking facts in the last season. One of them was Aurora having a boyfriend! Apparently, this came after Robyn had kept her daughter’s life secret for a long while.

A Reddit thread recently started in which the OP talked about Aurora’s boyfriend. It revealed that Robyn talked about a guy her daughter was dating. Apparently, this was the first time she had talked about her kid’s personal life on the show. This made the viewers wonder if she was hinting at the storyline of Season 19.

It is evident that Kody wouldn’t marry just for the sake of keeping the show going. He has made it clear that he was happy with his monogamous life. Hence, there is a fair chance Aurora’s marriage would be a storyline for the upcoming show. Moreover, viewers would perhaps be interested in knowing how Kody and Robyn would deal with such dynamics after they have already created chaos in other kids’ lives.

Sister Wives: What Else To Expect From Season 19?

Sister Wives viewers initially felt that Season 18 would be the last one. This is because the basic storyline of the show no longer exists. Apparently, Christine, Janelle, and Meri have already walked away from their marriage, and Kody is currently in a monogamous reunion with Robyn. Hence, fans are sure that the Browns won’t return for another season.

sister wives

But it appears that the Browns aren’t really giving up on their family show. Christine recently confirmed that her family was filming for another season. She revealed that the upcoming edition would feature some completely new dynamics. As per the celeb, there would be moments where all the OG stars of the show would be under the same roof for the sake of their kids.


Moreover, there is a fair chance that Garrison Brown’s death will also be a part of it. He recently took his own life, which led to several reunions of the Browns. So, it appears that the network wouldn’t leave the chance to capture these overwhelming moments of the family. Viewers are now waiting for the network to confirm and are eagerly waiting to watch what Season 19 has to offer them.

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