Sister Wives: Meri Brown Reveals Her New Take On Polygamy!

Sister Wives captures Kody Brown and his marriage to his four wives. However, they are not polygamous anymore, as three of the wives left Kody within a year. Interestingly, all the members of this former union are now either in a monogamous relationship or prefer it over polygamy. During a recent podcast appearance, Meri, Kody’s first wife and the last to leave, spoke candidly about her views on polygamy, her relationships with the other wives, and Kody.


Sister Wives

Meri reportedly suggested that she might have been the cause of what the Brown family looks like now. The podcast also reasoned why Meri has always been so reserved. It also delved into her upbringing and discussed how feelings of jealousy are common in polygamous relationships. So, what is Meri Brown’s take on polygamy now? Learn all about it here.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown No Longer Wants Polygamy

While appearing on the Miss Understood with Rachel Uchitel podcast on June 11, Meri Brown recalled her early years with her former husband, Kody. The duo was very young when they crossed paths and decided to enter a plural marriage. They tied the knot when Meri was only 19 and Kody was 21.

The Sister Wives star mentioned that their dating period was “nonexistent,” but Kody was very fond of her in the early years of their marriage. Interestingly, Kody admits to being the least interested in Meri in the present time. She described young Kody as “fun” and “jovial.”

Meri Brown Kody Brown (TLC)

Although the former couple divorced in 2014, their relationship truly ended in 2023. Kody’s favoritism towards one wife created a rift with the others, ultimately leading Meri to separate as well. Describing her experience with the other wives, Meri spoke positively.

She defined how the Sister Wives managed to communicate and create a healthy environment to raise their children. The wives raised all the kids together and never took any outside help. Meri appreciated this, especially since she faced fertility struggles. She was grateful for raising her only child alongside her Sister Wives’ children.

Meri is no longer interested in entering another polygamous marriage or even getting married again. However, she believes polygamy can be successful if all parties focus on making equal efforts. She also acknowledged that the relationship can fall apart if even one partner loses interest.

With this statement, it appeared as if Meri had hinted that she might have been the root of the Brown family’s eventually parting ways. However, she did not go into any detail.

Sister Wives: Meri Is A Child Of A Plural Marriage

During the podcast, Meri also talked about her upbringing and how it shaped her personality. She revealed that she was born in northern California to polygamous parents who were suspended from the mainstream Mormon church due to their lifestyle. Meri had a total of 25 siblings with six being her own.


She talked about having to keep their lifestyle hidden to protect her parents from any kind of punishment because polygamy was illegal in Utah. Going through this type of secrecy and fear of being taken away from her family at a young age led to her reserved nature as an adult.

Meri also discussed her mother’s relationships with the other wives. Despite being taught otherwise, she realized that jealousy is quite common in polygamy. However, she explained that her relationships with the other wives, even after parting ways from Kody, were “cordial.” Meri also expressed her desire to move on and focus on herself now that she has separated.

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