‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown’s Bestie Jenn Has Been MIA, Is She OK?

Recently, Sister Wives fans have been wondering about Meri Brown’s bestie, Jenn Sullivan. Although the two seemed inseparable for a while, now Jenn has been “missing in action.” Fans question if she is okay.


Jenn Sullivan & Meri Brown - Instagram

Meri Brown’s Bestie, Jenn, Goes MIA

After Meri Brown left the plural marriage with Janelle, Christine, Robyn, and Kody Brown, she spent most of her time with Jenn Sullivan. In many ways, Jenn’s upbeat personality has helped Meri let go of some of the pain from her experience with polygamy. Undeniably, they laugh and joke often. Additionally, she seems to help Meri gain perspective on her life with Kody. Likewise, Meri and Jenn started Fridays With Friends to build a community with fans who like to spend time chatting on Instagram and catching up about the week. Meri has shared many things with viewers during the Friday segments. However, some fans became concerned when Jenn was MIA. Over the past month, fans have missed seeing Jenn’s shining face. Many people wonder if she is doing okay.

Meri Brown & Jenn From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @therealmeribrown Instagram

Meri Brown’s Bestie Jenn Has Been MIA, Is She OK?

On Reddit, one fan asks, “What happened to FWF and Jenn?” Then, they explain why Jenn Sullivan has been MIA. Saying, “Today we got an answer to this question. Jenn announced on Instagram that she is recovering from a hysterectomy after a non-cancerous tumor was discovered.” Furthermore, Jenn talks about the experience on Instagram and tags Meri Brown and Fridays With Friends.

Jenn Sullivan Talks About When She Will Join Meri Brown For Fridays With Friends

Undoubtedly, the last month has been a difficult one for Jenn Sullivan. She is relying on her family and friends, especially Meri Brown, to help her through this time. Furthermore, she adds a post on Instagram with information about what has been going on. She captions: “Fridays with Friends will return soon, I’m healing and focusing on that right now and love and appreciate everyone who has been patient with me falling off the face of the earth for over a month. I’ll be back soon and will respond to messages as I can!”

Jenn Sullivan talks about Friday With Friends return with Meri Brown. - Instagram

She continues, “As some of you know, a non-cancerous tumor was found encapsulated within my uterus. I thought I was going into early menopause, turns out it was just the tumor. It was a rough week waiting for biopsy results, and then even harder when I found out my tumor was benign the exact moment one of my closest friends was diagnosed with uterine cancer.”

Jenn Sullivan is spending time with family and friends, including Meri Brown. - Instagram

Jenn Sullivan Is Recovering

Furthermore, Meri Brown’s good friend Jenn continues asking for support from everyone as she recovers. She adds, “My world was shook. I shut down. Honestly, it’s been a rough 12 months filled with more cancer diagnoses and scary situations within my inner circle than I ever thought humanly possible. It got a little dark from time to time, but we are healing. Growing, praying, supporting, and taking care of each other. Some still need a lot of prayers, strength, and good vibes.”

Jenn Sullivan reminds self care is especially important during recovery. - Instagram

While Jenn is relying on friends like Meri Brown to help her through this rough time, she encourages others going through difficult circumstances. She says, “I know there are a lot of you out there dealing with really sh*tty situations. You are not alone. I don’t want you to feel alone. Please don’t go inwards, it’s lonely and easy to dwell on the worst when you isolate – I know, I went there. I allowed myself to think the worst, and it ate me up. You are important, valuable, loved, and worth all the good and amazing things that are in store for you. My friends, you can weather the storm, you are not alone.”

Jenn Sullivan appreciates the love being sent. - Instagram

Are you relieved to know what is going on with Meri Brown’s BFF, Jenn Sullivan? Have you been through anything similar? Were you missing Jenn? Are you hoping to see Jenn in the newest season of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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