Sister Wives: Meri Puts A Pause On Filming, Fans Wonder Why!

Meri Brown is quite admired in the Sister Wives fanbase. She is the one who underwent the most change. At first, she was willing to see the clear picture after staying in a loveless marriage with Kody since 2015. But she changed her priorities and moved to Utah after dumping Kody Brown.


Sister Wives

Everyone from the audience is now excited to see Meri’s adventures as a single lady. They feel she deserves it the most. But there were rumors going around that she might not be a part of the upcoming season. Well, now fans have observed how she stopped filming! What’s going on? Why has Meri been this way?

Sister Wives: Meri Reveals Reason Behind Halting Filming! Underwent Major Surgery

It’s been a while since viewers got a glimpse of Meri on Sister Wives. But everyone was happy after seeing her arc in the last season. She became the last wife to leave Kody after Christine and Janelle and embraced singlehood. Meri has always been very grateful for her friends’ support and often dedicates heartfelt posts to them, especially Blair and Jenn.

In fact, Meri also has a live session segment with her best friend Jenn called, ‘Fridays With Friends.’ But it turns out she stopped filming for it from early man. Viewers began to wonder if they had a falling out. But the ladies decided to come clean about what had happened. They made a collaborative post on Instagram detailing undergoing a “hysterectomy” because of a “non-cancerous” tumor.

At first, Sister Wives fans were confused about who were Meri and Jenn talking about. But then they noticed a sentence where the latter referred to her husband being there for her. So, they realized that Jenn was the one who underwent intense surgery. Hence, the gal pals had put a pin on filming ‘Fridays With Friends’ and will be back soon.

Sister Wives: Meri Confirms She Will Be A Part Of Season 19 Soon!

Meri Brown has been going through different things since she left Kody Brown. She is expanding her horizons as a business person. At the same time, she also joined a new podcast as a guest and shed some more light on her life. Everyone wanted to know if she would be back in the upcoming season of Sister Wives or not.

Well, without saying yes or no, Meri said she wasn’t going anywhere. It was clear enough from that statement that she will most definitely be back for the new season. There is a buzz going around that Season 19 will most likely premiere on TLC sooner than expected. It will perhaps start airing in the month of August.

Are you excited to see Meri Brown in the new season? What do you think she has in store in terms of her storyline? When do you think Meri will start filming with Jen for her ‘Fridays With Friends’ segment? Tell us in the comments below. Keep track of all the latest Sister Wives updates.

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