Sister Wives: Mykelti’s Husband Tony Caught Hiding Weapons? Shares Creepy Photo!

Sister Wives stars Antonio Padron and Mykelti Padron are active members of social media. They often share updates regarding their kids with their fans. Hence, the couple never fails to entertain their viewers. Lately, Tony has been in the headlines because of his massive weight loss and has gathered attention because of the same. Recently, fans were in shock when they saw something cryptic in Antonio’s recent post. Viewers started to wonder if he was actually trying to hide a full-fledged weapon wall in his home. Is this true? What is Tony doing with weapons now?

What happened to Kody Brown's son-in-law Tony Padron from Sister Wives? |  The US Sun

Sister Wives: Viewers Think Tony Is Trying To Hide A Weapon Wall! But Why?

Tony Padron, who is Sister Wives star Mykelti’s husband, loves spending time with his kids. Hence, he often looks after them when she isn’t around. The patriarch seems to be a great father, while his daughter Avalon is fond of following him wherever he goes. Recently, Tony took to Instagram and shared a picture in which the star kid was him in his gym as well. Fans admired the wholesome post but were quick to notice something really bizarre. Apparently, Antonio decided to scribble out the right side of the snap, which fans felt was a “weapon wall.”

Recently, a Reddit thread started with a title, “Is that a weapon wall he tried to cover up?.” Many fans agreed that there was surely something cryptic about that wall. A user claimed, “That is definitely a wall of weapons.” Another Sister Wives fan added, “Looks like various knives/blades.” Moreover, viewers noticed that Tony gave a weird smile by widening his eyes, which further creeped them out. Someone admitted, “I get really, really, really weird vibes coming off.” Many fans even claimed that Tony was actually had a “serial killer” smile on with weapons all around. However, for now, users aren’t entirely sure if they were actual weapons or not!

Sister Wives: Fans Slam Tony For Putting Avalon In Danger!

Sister Wives star Tony was in his gym with Avalon. While he took a mirror selfie, his daughter stood behind him as she leaned towards one of her dad’s equipment. The patriarch revealed in his caption, “Yes, Avalon loves Gyming with her dad!.” Antonio further added, “We even got her a set of 2 lb dumbells.” As per him, the star kid uses them to copy him while he works out. Fans were quick to wonder if this was actually safe for a two-year-old to play around with some dangerous gym equipment and an alleged weapon wall!

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A user wrote, “Oh gosh it is!! Is this where his kids play?.” Another one added, “Gonna need you to get that toddler away from gym equipment.” Someone further wrote, “Accidents happen and are so tragic.” Even if Tony didn’t have a so-called weapon wall, fans feel that the gym is also not a safe place for toddlers to play with. Apparently, it has many heavy and sharp objects that could end up causing harm to kids. Hence, the celeb’s recent picture raised concern among the viewers.

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