Sister Wives reveals: Kody Brown’s Jealousy Of Christine & Janelle Takes Over?

Sister Wives Season 18 documented the downfall of the Brown family. Three of Kody’s wives left, leaving him with only Robyn. The latest season also featured Janelle and Christine becoming closer since leaving the patriarch. However, it seems that the 54-year-old has something to say about their relationship. Keep reading to see why some fans believe he’s jealous of the former second and third wives.

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Sister Wives: Kody Brown Felt Betrayed

During the Tell-All teaser, Kody opened up about feeling betrayed after all the things that have happened between him and Janelle. “I’m supposed to be the head of the family, and I’ve been undermined completely here,” the Sister Wives star said. Aside from feeling degraded, he also added that he and Janelle only see a little value in their relationship, which is why they have not taken steps to bring it back together. He even mentioned in one of the sneak peeks that Janelle only sees him for his physical appearance and makes him feel like a piece of meat.

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Is Kody Jealous Of Janelle & Christine?

Later in his interview, Kody expressed his frustration about Janelle valuing her relationship with Christine more. “Janelle sees more value in the relationship with Christine than she does in the relationship with me,” the Sister Wives star said. The Tell-All host, Sukanya Krishnan, also brought up his big fight with Janelle, which led to their split. “That moment, I was thinking to myself, I don’t ever want to talk to Janelle again,” Kody said.

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The father of 18 didn’t use the word ‘jealous’ of Christine and Janelle’s relationship but did say he was frustrated by it. However, things got even better for the ex-sister wives behind the cameras. Janelle also admitted in another interview that Christine’s now-husband, David Woolley, is an amazing person, and the kids loved him. They have also been on multiple trips this year, including their cruise vacation earlier this month.

ister Wives: Robyn Brown Wants Kody To Fight For Janelle

Sukanya also asked Robyn about her thoughts on Kody and Janelle’s split. According to the Sister Wives star, she told her husband that he needed to work it out with his ex. She also pointed out the kids they have together. “And it’s weird to me because I kept saying, ‘You guys have how many years together? You have six kids,” she said. Robyn Brown later cried and said that their three-decade marriage was “worth fighting for.”

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Meanwhile, Janelle said that her explosive fight with Kody left an emotional shock. But she made it clear that it lifted a big burden, and she felt relieved about expressing her feelings. “I didn’t have to keep putting effort into this relationship anymore with Kody,” she added.

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