SISTER WIVES – Robyn Brown becomes Bigger VILLAIN than Kody Brown

I could see Robyn Brown from Sister Wives thinking their show is like a Disney movie, with everyone playing a part, and her role as the villain. I believe that’s how she feels, maybe even rehearsing scenes in the mirror. The headline “Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Becomes Bigger Villain than Kody Brown” cracked me up. I think she’s been the bigger villain from the start. When Kody married Robyn, she seemed like the icing on the cake for the family, eager to immerse herself in any way possible. However, she soon became Kody’s favorite, leading to favoritism and distance from his other wives and children.

Robyn often plays the victim, crying with no tears, acting as if she cares only about the family, but it seems she only cares about herself and her children. A Reddit thread recently called her out as a hypocrite, noting how she manipulated Janelle’s son and controlled Meri for years. Many fans agree that she is passive-aggressive and a hypocrite, more devilish than Kody, who merely appeases his last remaining legal wife.

A post described narcissists as those who won’t admit they’re wrong, flipping the blame and always playing the victim, perfectly describing Robyn and Kody. They never admit their faults and always point fingers at others, with Robyn’s fake tears being a common denominator in the issues voiced by the ex-wives. It seems Kody met his match in control and bossiness with Robyn, who has him following her like a puppy.

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