Sister Wives! Robyn Reveal Bombshell Shocking News About Bigger Villain Of New Season!

Sister Wives Update: Robyn Brown Becomes a Bigger Villain Than Cody

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is now viewed as a bigger villain than her husband Cody. Initially, when Cody married Robyn, she seemed to be the perfect addition to the family, which already included Mary, Janelle, and Christine. However, Robyn quickly became Cody’s favorite, leading to favoritism and distance from his other children. Fans on Reddit have criticized Robyn, calling her a hypocrite and manipulative, noting that she always plays the victim while prioritizing her own needs and those of her children over the family’s unity.

Cody Brown’s Nephew Spills Tea on Polygamy and Family Secrets

Cody’s nephew, Benjamin, has been sharing insights about the family and criticizing the portrayal of polygamy on the show. He revealed that the new season (Season 19) is expected to air in August and shared his own difficult experiences growing up in a polygamous family, including claims of labor trafficking. Benjamin also believes that Cody’s decision to integrate a mistress with three kids into the family was the breaking point.

Latest Sighting of Cody Brown Sparks Discussion

Recently, Cody was spotted shopping alone in Utah, which sparked discussions about his current lifestyle. Fans noted that he appears to be more isolated and focused on his life with Robyn, having distanced himself from his other children. Commenters remarked on his physical appearance and speculated about his shopping habits, highlighting his fall from the once-polygamous family man to a lonely shopper.

Christine Brown Seeks Help from Fans for Road Trip Games

Christine Brown, now married to David Woolley, recently asked fans for road trip game suggestions to entertain her teenage daughter while traveling. Fans responded with various game ideas, helping Christine make the trip enjoyable. This interaction highlights Christine’s new chapter in life and her embrace of family time on the road.

Season 19 Hints and Expectations

The upcoming season of Sister Wives will feature family reunions and Christine’s dating journey with David Woolley, leading up to their marriage. Although there is no official release date yet, Benjamin’s comments have heightened anticipation for the season. Fans are eager to see how the Browns navigate their new lives and the dynamics within the family after significant changes in relationships and living arrangements.

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