‘Sister Wives’ Season 19 Release Date Revealed By Insider

Sister Wives Season 18 featured the downfall of the Brown family in Flagstaff. Many viewers believe that Kody failed to keep his family from falling apart. Instead of trying to fix their problems, he ended up fighting with them, leading to the departure of three of his wives. But it seems their story is not done, as a family member claims that Season 19 is still a green light, and there’s already a release date. Keep reading to see the shocking revelation.


David Wolley, Christine Brown, Kody Brown, Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown, Meri Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From TVSHOWSACE

Sister Wives: The Ex-Wives Confirmed Season 19

Several members of the family have already confirmed that Season 19 will happen. One of them is Meri, who confirmed that she will return for another season. “I’m around. I’m not going anywhere,” she added. Christine and Janelle have also claimed that they’re done filming for Season 19. This made some people curious if TLC would catch up on the latest updates about the family, as Season 18 was delayed for almost a year. Regardless, it’s clear that viewers will get to see more of the Brown family, and it may happen very soon.

Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, Meri Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @christine_brownsw Instagram

Season 19 Release Date Revealed By Family Member?

Some Sister Wives fans on TikTok react to the recent post of Kody’s nephew, Benjamin. According to a user named Jan Kingery-Walker, they saw Benjamin claiming that Season 18 will air in August, which is only two months from now. He also said in the clip that he’s been binge-watching all the seasons and hopes that he’ll finish everything before Season 19 drops. Benjamin is known for his looks that are identical to his uncle, Kody Brown. He has also made several appearances on the show and during family gatherings, especially during Christine and David Woolley’s wedding.


Benjamin, Sourced From @The Fresh King Benjamin Tiktok

Sister Wives: Fans Want A Non-Delayed Season

Some Sister Wives fans are also begging TLC to give an up-to-date story about the Brown family. Many things have happened behind cameras, such as Christine and David’s wedding and even the tragic passing of Garrison Brown. TLC has yet to share if Season 19 is indeed happening. But others no longer want to watch the show because of how dysfunctional they have become. There are also speculations that the upcoming season may only feature the vow renewals of Kody and Robyn.


Kody Brown, Christine Brown, Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown, From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @christine_brownsw Instagram


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