Sister Wives Star Mykelti Brown & Hubby Tony’s Marriage In Trouble?

Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown and her husband, Antonio “Tony” Padron, are approaching their tenth wedding anniversary. The couple married in December 2016 and are parents to three children: daughter Avalon and twins Archer and Ace. Mykelti frequently flaunts Tony on her social media as the couple seemingly leads a happy marriage.


Sister Wives

Recently, the couple has come under the spotlight again. Their announcement of a move to North Carolina stirred the pot, sparking various speculations. Moreover, eagle-eyed fans noticed an alarming detail that raised questions about their marriage, suggesting there might be trouble in paradise. So, are Mykelti and Tony facing marital issues? Learn all about it here.

Sister Wives: Tony Forgot To Wish Mykelti On Her Birthday!

Mykelti and Tony frequently boost each other on their Instagram. However, Mykelti’s Valentine’s Day post dedicated to her hubby, Tony hasn’t appeared on her profile. This sparked a buzz that the couple might be facing marriage troubles. However, Mykelti quickly addressed the rumors by sharing a message on her Instagram stories. “People, I’m still married!” She wrote, alongside a picture of her and Tony having lunch. “Don’t assume anything just because he’s not in every movie. Stop assuming just because he’s not in EVERY. SINGLE. POST. that he’s not mine.”

But the rumors did not stop there. In late June, loyal Sister Wives viewers spotted an alarming detail while rewatching an episode. A fan took to Reddit to point out that Tony did not call Mykelti on her birthday, June 9. Tony excused his action, explaining that he was busy playing chess for nine hours that day. Hence, he did not get a chance to wish Mykelti. He added he had wished his wife a day before her birthday instead.


While this revelation angered the fans, Mykelti seemed unfazed. She brushed off the matter like it was no big deal. She mentioned that even her father, Kody, did not wish her, and that wasn’t an issue either. Mykelti’s reaction suggested she might have expected this from Tony, prompting fans to wonder how often such incidents occur. Many Sister Wives fans also pointed out that Mykelti might not be a priority in Tony’s life.

Viewers called out Tony for his insensitive actions. One fan wrote, “Mykelti is not a priority in Tony’s life. He couldn’t be bothered to take three minutes out of his day to simply wish his wife & mother of his children a happy birthday. He wasn’t anywhere like a battlefield or a space station, which might have made communication a bit difficult. This tells me all I need to know about him & their marriage, sadly.” Another fan commented, “You’re telling me he didn’t have a bathroom break in 9 hours? A lunch break? Thats bullsh*t!”

Sister Wives: Mykelti & Tony Are Moving To North Carolina!

On June 14, Mykelti announced that she was moving to North Carolina with her husband and their three children during a live session on YouTube. The Sister Wives star did not disclose the exact reason behind their move. However, by the looks of it, it appears like she was ready for a change.


The couple has decided to sell their home in Utah because the move is “very expensive.” Tony mentioned that packing has already begun. When asked about her sister Maddie, who also resides in North Carolina with her family, Mykelti clarified that it did not influence their decision, although she does see it as a benefit. Mykelti is likely moving to North Carolina for a change of lifestyle.

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