SO SAD NEWS – R.I.P – Brandon Gibbs Reported Dead – The 90 Day Fiance Star Confirms It’s True

Brandon Gibbs (Julia Trubkina’s 90 Day Fiance husband) is reported dead by the most reliable of sources – TLC fans on social media. And, things get even crazier when fans begin to blame his wife.

When the sad news came out, Brandon found it funny and even “confirmed” his own death by making a meme with his picture (shown below) saying “RIP Brandon 1992-2024”.



Brandon Gibbs Dead – 90 Day Fiance Rumor Spreads

Although Brandon Gibbs from 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After is rumored to be dead, it’s clear he’s still alive and kicking.

But, he’s taking a chill approach to addressing these fan comments. And this time, the rumors going around about him aren’t because of other cast members posting incorrect information. Soap Dirt recently reported on other celebs suffering through these types of rumors because of incorrect reports from their co-stars.

Brandon Gibbs’ funny meme showing him passed away is similar to how Mark Twain covered rumors of his death when he said “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated“.

Julia Trubkina Blamed for Husband’s “Death”?

This isn’t the first time that Brandon Gibbs from TLC’s 90 Day Fiance has been the victim of rumors. During the Tell-All, his dad, Ron Gibbs came out about some of the health problems he’s dealing with. Ron doesn’t go into great detail about his medical issues. However, he does share he’s staying hopeful and expects to fully recover.

But, after this announcement, a lot of 90 Day Fiance viewers began to circulate rumors. Both Brandon and Julia Trubkina are plagued with talk about Ron’s health. Now, it appears there seems to be some confusion between Ron and Brandon’s names. So, maybe his father’s health problems morphed into Brandon’s “death” talk.

In this most recent news, His wife Julia is being blamed for the rumors of his death. Brandon Gibbs made a video, where he was recreating another video. In the clip, an off-screen woman’s voice asks him to “stop playing video games and do the dishes”.

He tells the woman that she’s being like his mom. Then, it flashes to the RIP image of himself. Since Julia was tagged in the video, some fans are blaming her (for some reason) for creating the ‘Brandon is dead’ talk.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After – Fans React to Brandon’s “Passing”

When rumors online began to spread of 90 Day Fiance celeb Brandon Gibbs’ death, a lot of people were shocked. There was confusion between the father and the son, believing Ron Gibbs had actually passed. However, Ron is still alive and well too.

As more people began to realize the rumors about Brandon dying are just rumors, there’s a lot of people upset. Some people ask “what happened?” and asks for clarification. Others were desperate to find answers and asking if the information about his passing was “true”.

Thankfully, Brandon Gibbs knows how to take dark rumors and turn them around into a joke. Julia Trubkina from 90 Day Fiance hasn’t addressed anything about these rumors, but hopefully the two have a long life ahead.

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