Split💔! Finally Shaeeda Dumping To Bilal 🥲! Really Big Shock

Shaeeda Sween has addressed the divorce rumors surrounding her marriage to Bilal Hazziez. The couple, who appeared on Season 9 of “90 Day Fiancé,” have faced their share of ups and downs, particularly with Bilal having gone through two previous divorces. This history made fans worry about the longevity of their marriage. However, Shaeeda’s recent social media post, which hinted at potential marital issues, caused quite a stir among followers. She stated, “Divorce is unfortunately an option, preferably the last option. Use it wisely, ladies and gents.”

Bilal, a successful real estate agent and motivational speaker who often flaunts his luxurious lifestyle online, and Shaeeda, an entrepreneur who ran a yoga business in Trinidad before moving to the U.S., seem to be thriving. Despite the rumors, Shaeeda later clarified that their marriage is not in trouble, calling the divorce speculations “a big nasty stinking lie.”

The couple continues to share positive updates about their relationship. Recently, they celebrated a significant milestone when Bilal was invited to participate in the United States Conference of Mayors’ 92nd Annual Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri. Shaeeda proudly expressed her admiration for her husband, calling him her “Superstar hubby.” The couple’s ongoing strong bond is evident through their frequent posts and shared moments online, indicating that they are very much together and supportive of each other.

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