Stunning News !! 90 Day Fiancé Jamal Menzies’ New Revenge Makeover Major Glow Up

“90 Day: The Single Life” star Jamal Menzies has undergone a noticeable transformation following his split with Veronica Rodriguez. Veronica introduced Jamal as her boyfriend in season 3 of the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off, surprising viewers due to their age difference. Their relationship was short-lived, with Jamal showing little interest in a serious commitment. The breakup was dramatic, contrasting Jamal’s previous image as the voice of reason for his mom, Kim, during her relationship with Usman Umar.

Initially admired for his emotional intelligence and respectful demeanor, Jamal’s reputation took a hit during and after his relationship with Veronica. Fans, who once adored him, grew disillusioned with his playboy behavior and newfound cockiness. His shift from casual sweaters to more mature, stylish outfits, influenced by Veronica, did not improve his image, as fans criticized his attitude and immaturity.

In 2024, Jamal is rumored to be dating someone new and has been seen flaunting a lavish lifestyle on social media, often throwing shade at Veronica. He was spotted at the San Diego Bunny Ball with a mystery woman, looking dapper in a classic tuxedo. Jamal is also making fashionable new friends, including Josh Weinstein and Rob War, and might be considering a career in modeling.

Despite his attempts to cope with heartbreak through a style makeover, Jamal’s behavior suggests he is still struggling with emotional maturity. His new look aims to regain confidence and attract attention, but fans remain skeptical about his growth. As he picks up the pieces post-breakup, Jamal continues to navigate his way through the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, both in style and relationships.

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