The END For Liz And LYING Big Ed | 90 Day

Big Ed and Liz’s rollercoaster relationship on “90 Day Fiancé” has taken yet another dramatic turn, leaving fans wondering if this is truly the end for the couple. In the latest episode, viewers witnessed what seemed like the umpteenth breakup between the two, reminiscent of Groundhog Day, where they repeatedly split up and reconcile.

Big Ed, known for his controversial and often criticized behavior, has become a polarizing figure in the franchise. Despite this, he has been a ratings magnet for TLC, which might explain why he keeps returning season after season. After his tumultuous relationship with Rosemarie in Season 4, many thought Ed would never find love again. However, he surprised everyone by introducing Liz Woods as his new girlfriend, claiming she was the real deal.

However, their relationship was far from smooth sailing. Rosemarie even warned Liz that Ed was unlikely to change, advising her to move on. Despite this, Liz initially broke up with Ed but eventually reunited with him. This pattern of breaking up and making up has frustrated fans, who feel that TLC has given the couple too much screen time.

In the latest development, Ed and Liz’s relationship hit a breaking point when a family dinner party turned into a heated argument. Liz’s daughter found the food too spicy, leading to Ed telling her to stop being a baby. This sparked a confrontation between Liz and Ed, culminating in Ed abruptly calling off the wedding via text, leaving Liz blindsided.

Since the breakup, Liz has moved on and is now in a happy, healthy relationship, while Ed has focused on self-improvement, losing over 20 pounds. Despite their tumultuous past, both seem to be in a better place now.

Fans are hopeful that this is the end of the Ed and Liz saga, as many have expressed their desire for the couple to finally move on. TLC seems to be addressing this feedback, with the new season focusing on the aftermath of their breakup. While it’s unclear how their story will end, fans are relieved that Groundhog Day with Big Ed may finally be over.


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