The star collapses: Meri Brown Losing Fans Over Greed?

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Recently, Sister Wives fans have started questioning Meri Brown after some of her actions. While she is seemingly attempting to make her way out on her own, is she pushing fans away over her greed?

Meri Brown Diversifies Her Income

After Sister Wives star, Meri Brown and Kody Brown officially went their separate ways, Meri had a huge transition. Although she had the bed and breakfast to run as well as her clothing business, was she making ends meet? Undeniably, Meri has grown tremendously since exiting plural marriage. So much so that she decidedly kicked off a new business, Worthy Up. However, the premise of the business left fans guessing what they would get for the money they were being asked to pay. Per the website, “Insight. Inspiration. Impact. A community focused on transformation and self discovery; created to be a safe space for individuals to grow, connect, and inspire one another.” Although the description was vague, it asked for an upfront payment to join the group. Several of the Browns’ businesses have received criticism for their income streams.

Meri Brown's B&B. - Sister Wives
Meri Brown’s B&B. – Sister Wives

Fans Wonder If Worthy Up Is Getting Any Response

On Reddit, Sister Wives fans started a conversation about the latest business Meri Brown has been promoting. First, a user says, “Do you think many people paid $$$ to join Meri’s FB group?” Then, the user has a few follow-up questions. Asking, “How do you think it’s (WorthyUp 🙄) doing? Any hints on social media?” While some fans were completely confused by the target market for Worthy Up, others thought she was clearly after her Lularoe customers.

  • “The questions I ask myself about the ‘Worthy Up’ business – who is her target market? If she’s selling mental well-being, other than the school of hard knocks, she’s not trained in it. She’s learned a lot of therapy-speak.”
Fans wonder if Meri Brown's plan was to target her existing LuLaRoe customers. - Reddit.
Fans wonder if Meri Brown’s plan was to target her existing LuLaRoe customers. – Reddit.
  • “There is a podcast called Little Miss Recap hosted by Amy Archer. She joined at the $150 level to find this out. She is in the FB group and there is, apparently, only TWENTY FOUR members in it. So, no, I do not think it is doing well!”
  • “They’re probably all people collecting fodder for their own platforms in one way or another.”
  • Another commenter jokes, “And like 5+ are different accounts of Meri or Jenn.”

Is Meri Brown Losing Fans Over Greed?

Additionally, other Sister Wives fans chimed in with thoughts about the price point Meri Brown is using. While Meri is promoting the business as a platform that gives private access to her after paying an initial fee, many think she is losing fans over her greed. Undeniably, she believes her time is worth a price that most fans feel is missing the mark. Others think she stole the idea from someone else.

  • “I commented that her program wasn’t in my budget and she snarkily replied, Oh come on. It’s just $18 a month. Then she went back and edited her comment to sound caring. Yeah, I trust you, Meri.”
  • “She honestly failed by not making it a monthly subscription. A lot more people would probably be willing to pay a monthly fee than a large lump sum.”
  • Another viewer thinks she had the large fee by design to get the money before the jig is up. Saying, “But she knows she has to lock it in because people won’t stick around.”
Meri Brown's business has fans skeptical about its value. - Reddit
Meri Brown’s business has fans skeptical about its value. – Reddit

Fans See A Strange Irony

However, some Sister Wives fans find it ironic she is trying to make money off the very people she blames for making her feel unworthy in the first place. Admittedly, some believe she could do far better by acknowledging how damaging her relationship with Kody Brown was to her instead.

  • “Considering she is blaming the public for her feelings of being unworthy then asking the public to pay to become worthy is stupidity in full force. How do u blame social media and the things ppl have said and not the actual lifestyle she lived or the abuse from Kody.”
  • “I won’t even pay $5/month for the kids’ Patreons. I can’t imagine spending $18/month on Meri’s platitudes.”
  • “The unqualified life coach (influencer) business has gotten WAY out of hand. She’s just jumping on this bandwagon. With her name recognition, I suspect she’ll do moderately well with it.”


What do you think about Meri Brown’s Worthy Up business? Do you think it is worth the price? Do you have any insight into her program? Are you ready to see more Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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