Ultimately Betrayal💔! Jovi Drop Major Bombshell News To Yara! Baby Missing

Jovi and Yara from “90 Day Fiancé” have made the difficult decision to move away from their family in Louisiana. Jovi, a Louisiana native, brought his Ukrainian fiancée, Yara, to the US during season 8 of the show, and they settled with their daughter Mila in New Orleans. When they returned to the franchise on “90 Day: The Last Resort,” they discussed their plans to leave Louisiana, causing concern for Jovi’s mother, Gwen, about seeing her granddaughter less frequently.

After much speculation from fans, Jovi and Yara announced on Instagram on May 26 that they have relocated to Miami, Florida, with Mila. Jovi shared that it was a hard decision to leave their family and friends, but Mila is very happy in Miami. Their video showed the family saying emotional goodbyes to Jovi’s relatives, highlighting their new life filled with beach days and outdoor activities.

Initially, Yara suggested moving because she felt lonely and unhappy. However, Jovi supported the decision for the sake of their family. Their move demonstrates their commitment to their marriage and their daughter’s well-being. Jovi has also defended Yara against critics who mock her obsession with her looks, emphasizing that everyone cares about their appearance. He shared a photo of them from the People’s Choice Awards, showing their happiness and unity.

The couple, who filmed “90 Day: The Last Resort” season 1 in January 2023, have had their share of marital challenges, including arguments over Jovi’s club visits. Despite these challenges, their move to Florida marks a fresh start. They shared a video captioned “officially residents of Florida,” showing their packing process and tearful goodbyes. Jovi and Yara will continue to share updates about their new life in Miami with their followers.

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