Unexpected! Yara Dump Celebrate Birthday 90 Day Fiance To Jovi! Prepared To Be Shocked

Yara from “90 Day Fiancé” recently celebrated her 30th birthday in Mexico with fellow franchise stars Kenny and Armando, surprising fans with their unexpected meetup. Originally featured in Season 8 alongside her American partner Jovi, Yara and Jovi faced numerous relationship challenges, including Jovi’s interest in strip clubs. Despite these issues, the couple married in Las Vegas after Yara became unexpectedly pregnant. They later strengthened their marriage through therapy on “90 Day: The Last Resort.”

The birthday celebration took place at a private event in Mexico City, where Kenny and Armando posted videos of Yara dancing and enjoying the night. The posts, which included clips of Yara, Kenny, and Armando with fancy beverages, delighted fans. Other “90 Day Fiancé” stars, such as Sumit Singh, Jenny Slayton, Chantel Everett, and David Toborowsky, also sent their best wishes via Instagram. Notably, Yara’s mother-in-law expressed heartfelt birthday greetings, which Yara acknowledged with a red heart emoji, charming their followers.

Yara has proved her devotion to family and friends, overcoming Jovi’s past behavior and showing commitment to their relationship. Recently, Yara and Jovi relocated to Miami, Florida, while Kenny and Armando moved to Mexico City after much debate during “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” Season 5. The two couples enjoyed catching up and sharing stories about their new homes.

In another “90 Day Fiancé” storyline, Angela Deem discovered shocking information about her husband Michael Al Sami, suspecting him of scamming her for a U.S. visa. While searching his phone, Angela found that Michael was part of a group chat called Paradise Men, which she believes is a network for scamming American women. Michael explained it as a common practice in Nigeria, but Angela is unconvinced and plans to contact an immigration lawyer.

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