Unstable Kody! Maddie Brown Breaks Silence On Mentally | It Will Shock You

Maddie Brown, the eldest daughter of Janelle and Cody Brown from the reality TV show “Sister Wives,” has broken her silence regarding her father’s mental health. As the Brown children reached adulthood, their perspectives on the family shifted, including Maddie’s, who is now openly discussing Cody’s mental state.

Maddie revealed that Cody is not involved in her children’s lives, unlike Janelle and Christine, who are very present. She expressed her concern about Cody’s inconsistency, stating that she never knew which side of her father she would encounter, the reasonable or the explosively angry side. Maddie emphasized that she craves peace and stability for her family, which is why she plans to stay in North Carolina and avoid constant upheaval.

During the podcast “Somewhat Basic,” Maddie discussed her strained relationship with Cody. While Janelle and Christine are actively involved with her children, Cody is not. Maddie highlighted that she won’t force anyone to be present in her children’s lives, but she values those who make an effort, as long as they are healthy and sane.

Maddie emphasized the importance of consistency in raising her children in a healthy environment. She set boundaries to protect her kids from the emotional turmoil associated with Cody. Maddie’s public discussion about Cody’s mental health marks a significant moment, as she is the first of the Brown children to openly address this issue, while others have hinted at his instability.

Unstable Kody! Maddie Brown Breaks Silence On Mentally | It Will Shock You  - YouTube

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