Very Emotional Update ! 90 Day Fiancé: Is Angela Deem Losing Too Much Weight?

A New Beginning: Angela Deem’s Weight Loss Surgery

Angela Deem, a well-known personality from the “90 Day Fiancé” franchise, has undergone a significant transformation over the past four years, particularly in terms of her physical appearance. This journey began in 2020 when Angela decided to take control of her health by undergoing weight loss surgery. Known for her confidence and larger-than-life personality, Angela had faced numerous health challenges that had impeded her ability to fully enjoy life. Her decision to have bariatric surgery was prompted by serious health concerns, including breathing problems that necessitated medical intervention.

In addition to the bariatric procedure, Angela also opted for a breast reduction surgery, despite her husband Michael Ilesanmi’s reservations. The combined procedures led to a dramatic weight loss, with Angela shedding nearly 120 pounds. This transformation turned Angela into a new person, brimming with confidence and frequently showcasing her new body on social media. However, the physical changes also brought about unforeseen challenges in her personal life.

The Impact on Her Marriage

While Angela’s physical transformation was a source of pride and newfound confidence, it unfortunately did not translate into happiness in her marriage. Instead, her changed appearance seemed to exacerbate existing issues with her husband, Michael. In 2022, Angela discovered that Michael had been unfaithful, talking to another woman behind her back. This betrayal was a significant blow to Angela, who exposed Michael’s infidelity on television but chose to give him another chance to redeem himself.

In late 2023, Angela invited Michael to the United States, hoping to rebuild their relationship. Sadly, Michael’s betrayal continued, culminating in him running away three months later. This series of emotional upheavals took a severe toll on Angela’s mental and physical health, leading to further weight loss that was no longer driven by her surgical procedure but by the immense stress she was under.

The Toll of Emotional Trauma

The emotional trauma from Michael’s continued betrayals had a profound impact on Angela’s health. Over the months following Michael’s departure, Angela’s weight continued to drop rapidly, making her almost unrecognizable. Her weight plummeted to 149 pounds, a stark contrast to her pre-surgery weight of over 270 pounds. This drastic weight loss raised concerns among her fans and followers, who noted that Angela appeared increasingly frail and unwell.

Angela’s emotional state severely affected her appetite, leading to a significant reduction in her food intake. During a live session in April 2024, Angela opened up about her struggles, attributing her ongoing health issues to the emotional distress caused by Michael’s actions. She admitted to hardly eating and feeling deeply sad about the dissolution of her marriage, which contributed to her continued weight loss.

Public Perception and Social Media Presence

Despite her personal struggles, Angela has remained active on social media, often sharing updates about her life and appearance. She continues to present a strong and fashionable image, not allowing her emotional pain to overshadow her public persona. In May 2024, Angela posted photos from a Joker’s Comedy Club event, where she appeared in a stylish pink top and black pants. Although she looked thinner than ever, she seemed somewhat happy and in the process of recovering from Michael’s betrayal.

Angela’s social media posts receive mixed reactions from her followers. While many express their admiration for her transformation and resilience, others voice their concerns about her health. Comments range from supportive messages praising her strength and natural charm to critical remarks about her past behavior on the show. Nonetheless, Angela’s ability to engage with her audience and maintain her presence is a testament to her enduring spirit.

Health Concerns and Future Outlook

Angela’s weight loss journey has undoubtedly transformed her physical appearance, but it has also sparked a wave of concern among her fans about her overall health. Her face, now noticeably thinner with deflated cheekbones and dry skin, reflects the physical toll of her emotional stress. Despite achieving a fit look in 2022, her latest photos indicate that her weight loss has reached an unrealistic and potentially unhealthy level.

In one of her recent social media posts, Angela shared a mirror selfie wearing an American flag outfit, proudly displaying her lean physique. While the post garnered significant attention and praise from her fans, it also highlighted the dramatic change in her body proportions. Some fans worry that Angela’s health could deteriorate further if she does not address her current lifestyle and diet.

Angela’s energy levels and overall vitality have also been affected. In a video posted in April, where she discussed her Comedy Club gig, she appeared slower and less vibrant than usual, a stark contrast to her previously wild and energetic personality. This decline has not gone unnoticed, with some fans suggesting that she may need urgent medical attention if she continues on her current path.

Moving Forward: A Path to Health and Happiness

As Angela approaches her 60s, it is crucial for her to reassess her health and well-being. Maintaining a weight of 149 pounds may not be sustainable or healthy for her in the long run. Angela will need to make significant changes to her diet and lifestyle to ensure she remains fit and healthy. This includes finding ways to manage her emotional stress and moving on from the pain caused by Michael’s betrayals.

Angela’s journey serves as a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of physical and emotional health. While her initial weight loss surgery brought about a positive transformation, the subsequent emotional turmoil highlighted the importance of addressing mental well-being as part of any health journey. For Angela, finding a balance between maintaining her physical health and nurturing her emotional state will be key to her long-term happiness.

Fans of the “90 Day Fiancé” star continue to support her, hoping she can find peace and stability in her life. Angela’s story is one of resilience and strength, demonstrating that despite the challenges and setbacks, it is possible to reclaim control and strive for a healthier, happier future.


Angela Deem’s weight loss journey has been a remarkable tale of transformation, marked by both triumphs and tribulations. From undergoing bariatric surgery in 2020 to dealing with the emotional fallout of her husband’s infidelity, Angela’s experiences highlight the complex interplay between physical health and emotional well-being. As she continues to navigate her path, the support of her fans and her own inner strength will be crucial in helping her achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.

Ultimately, Angela’s story is not just about weight loss; it is about overcoming adversity, finding inner strength, and striving for a better future. Her journey serves as an inspiration to many, showing that despite life’s challenges, it is possible to emerge stronger and more resilient. As Angela looks ahead, she remains a testament to the power of transformation and the enduring human spirit.

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