Very Heartbreaking 😭 News! 90 Day Fiancé Where Is Michael & Angela Living Now After His Split

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” star Michael Alami’s location has been revealed after he went missing in America. Michael, from Nigeria, pretended to be 40 when he met 52-year-old Angela on Facebook. He messaged Angela, calling her beautiful, and she fell for him. The couple got engaged, and Angela flew to Nigeria to meet Michael for the first time in “Before the 90 Days” Season 2. Their relationship faced cheating allegations, money issues, and infertility concerns. A major issue was Michael’s inability to secure a K-1 visa. They married in January 2020, but Michael’s cheating led Angela to file for divorce. However, after Michael’s mother passed away, Angela decided to give their marriage another chance, tearing up the divorce papers on “90 Day: The Last Resort.”

Angela flew to Nigeria again in 2023 to support Michael as he prepared for his spousal visa interview. Michael was first spotted in the US with Angela around Christmas 2023. A fan saw them at a Food Lion supermarket and took a photo with Angela. Michael was later seen with Angela at a Walmart in Georgia, confirming he was in the US. More photos surfaced in January 2024, showing the couple at LAX airport and traveling to various American cities.

However, Michael went missing in February 2024. Angela announced his disappearance on TikTok, stating he had been missing since February 23. The police were involved, and Angela offered a $10,000 reward for his safe return. Michael was eventually found safe after contacting the police himself. He revealed he feared for his life and did not want Angela to find him. Michael’s reappearance was celebrated by fans, who saw his separation from Angela as a positive step.

Michael launched a Cameo account in April 2024 and created a verified Instagram account in May 2024. Despite his efforts to hide his location, a video posted in May 2024 showed Michael in Indiana, partying with a mystery woman. Angela later revealed on TikTok that Michael was living in Texas and planned to file a lawsuit against him for marriage fraud. Despite their separation, Angela remains responsible for Michael as his sponsor in the US. It appears Angela knows Michael’s location, while “90 Day Fiancé” fans remain in the dark.

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