Very Shameful!😭 Kody Brown Is Married To Aurora Brown | Today’s Very Shocking News | Sister Wives

Is it likely that ‘Sister Wives’ star Kody Brown will marry Robyn’s daughters? This speculation has been buzzing among fans for a while. Kody appears to have a close relationship with Robyn’s daughters, Aurora and Brianna, which sometimes makes fans uncomfortable as he occasionally kisses the young adults on the lips.

With Christine having left and Janelle rumored to have left the family, some believe Kody might seek new wives. The rumor that Kody might marry his adopted daughters has been circulating for years, but it hasn’t materialized.

Would Robyn allow such a marriage? Some fans think she might, given that she seems to have a strong influence, having supposedly contributed to Christine and Janelle’s departures.

A past rumor suggested Kody might bring in Alicia Clyde from ’90 Day Fiancé’ as a new wife, but it faded when it was revealed that Alicia is happily married.

The speculation shifted back to Aurora and Brianna. TV Shows Ace noted that fans believe Robyn might approve the marriages since they are not Kody’s biological daughters.

However, Brenda Nicholson, an advocate for polygamy survivors, and Katie Joy from ‘Without a Crystal Ball’ doubt this will happen. They believe the public scrutiny and legal implications make it unlikely. Brenda suggested that Kody might exploit Aurora and Brianna by trading them to other polygamists.

Fans are divided. Some think the speculation is baseless due to the legal adoption. Others believe Kody’s favoritism towards Robyn’s children is simply because Robyn is his favorite wife. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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