What Happened To Natalie Mordovtseva After 90 Day: The Single Life Season 4?

  • Natalie’s life post-split with Josh in 2024 involved a modeling career and a recent participation in a beauty pageant as “Natalie Youngquist.”
  • The drama unfolded on 90 Day: The Single Life season 4 with Mike serving Natalie with divorce papers on stage, leading to a heartbreaking split.
  • Despite challenges, Natalie is leveraging her Instagram following to make a living as an influencer, promoting brands and sharing her success as a model.






90 Day: The Single Life star Natalie Mordovtseva’s life in 2024 looks very different since her split with Josh Weinstein in season 4. Natalie has a degree in journalism and psychology and was a model by profession in Ukraine when she met Mike Youngquist. Natalie also worked as an actress for a local TV channel and hoped to continue doing it when she came to America. She had been unsuccessful at love, having been married twice before Mike. Natalie yearned to have kids but put the idea of motherhood in the backseat until it was too late.

Mike lived in Nevada when she started talking to him and moved to his native Sequim before Natalie came to the U.S. Natalie had no interest in living in the woods and her relationship with Mike was affected in the process. She moved to Florida where she met Josh who is the CEO and founder of a modeling agency. Natalie decided to relocate to California next to chase Josh and her Hollywood dreams. Josh wanted nothing more than a situationship with Natalie. She was left heartbroken by the end of The Single Life season 4, after their split.

Mike Divorced Natalie During The Tell All

Mike Got Mama Debbie To Serve Natalie

It took five parts of the Tell All for 90 Day: The Single Life season 4 for fans to watch Mike divorcing Natalie on stage. Mike asked Debbie Johnson to get the papers. She gave Natalie the manila envelope and served her papers on Mike’s behalf. Natalie’s co-stars asked her to wait until she could properly look them over. Debbie Aguero accused Mama Debbie of being “Judas.” She said it was cruel of Mike to have waited until that moment to serve the papers to Natalie on TV. The move was beneath Mike and Natalie was shaken.

Josh Was Still Not Ready To Commit To Natalie

Josh Never Wanted To Marry Natalie

Josh attempted to pacify Natalie backstage and her crying while holding on to him made it look like they were trying to rekindle their romance. Natalie ended her relationship with Josh in the finale. She told him she was wasting her life on a man who didn’t even care about her. She told him she wasn’t interested in being with him anymore and called him “weak.” He was not meeting her needs and standards and was never going to marry her or give her a baby. However, during the Tell All, Josh explained they were “still very close.”

Natalie’s Cryptic Video With Josh Sparked Reconciliation Rumors

Is Josh Ready To Become Natalie’s Fourth Husband?

Josh and Natalie were “friends who kiss when they greet.” She had also slept over the night before at Josh’s before they came to film the Tell All. They reconnected after Josh was involved in a car accident. Still, Natalie confirmed their relationship was going around in circles that Natalie found hard to break. Interestingly, Josh featured in one of Natalie’s Cameos for a fan in March 2024. Reddit user SaltConcentrate753 shared the video with fellow viewers and captioned it, “Natalie Mordovtseva is back with Josh.” Natalie had filmed the video of what looked like a date with Josh.

Natalie Participated In “Mrs. European Universe”

She Used The Name “Natalie Youngquist”

In March 2024, Natalie took a major step towards her dream career by participating in a beauty pageant. New York Fashion Times posted a clip of Natalie’s appearance in Mrs. European Universe. In the video, Natalie was asked to spell out her name. She said her name was “Natalie Youngquist.” That’s likely the official name Natalie uses in real life, while Natalie Mordovtseva is something reserved for the screen. Natalie was representing Ukraine and thanked everyone for helping the people of her country. She called the U.S. the country of “great opportunity.”

Natalie said the show was amazing, and she felt blessed to be one of the models. Natalie knew it was a big chance for her to present herself as a model and was also opening up a lot of doors for her as she launched her modeling career finally in America. Natalie expressed how if someone constantly works hard, they can achieve any dreams they set their eyes on in the country. Interestingly, Natalie’s participation in the event meant that she was still a “Mrs” and still married to Mike despite the divorce drama on the Tell All.

Natalie Is Making A Living As An Influencer

Natalie Is Leveraging Her 348k Plus Instagram Followers

Natalie was trying hard to make an income after moving to California. She expected Josh to find her a job. Josh did help her out by making his cousin Adam interview Natalie for the position of receptionist. However, Natalie came across as severely underprepared for the interview. When asked about her resume, she said it was in Ukrainian. She told Adam she had experience of selling books at a bookstore and things like answering phones, emails, and copywriting. However, when Adam asked what job that would have been, her reply was, “Wait a second. Like, I don’t know, it’s complicated.

It was easy to see that Natalie was not someone who could do an office-based job. She lacked experience and people skills. Yet, Natalie is making a living these days thanks to social media. Most of Natalie’s posts on Instagram are brand collaborations and paid advertisements. She recently promoted a California-based hairdresser, a microneedling treatment, and a clothing brand like Shein and Pumiey. Natalie is, after all, an expert at facing the camera, and is using her past modeling experience with her 348k plus followers to advertise these brands and earn money.

Natalie Has Finally Become A Professional Model

Will Natalie Try Her Hand At Acting Next?

Natalie Mordovtseva In 90 Day Fiance in professional modeling photos wearing black dress and holding a rose

Natalie has also been sharing several images from her recent photoshoots with various brands and photographers. Natalie looks like a dream in her pictures for Sandra Iskandar’s Collection, which features bridal wear, evening wear, and heavy red carpet-ready gowns. She posed for a “dark academia theme” style photos in a frilly black tulle dress and a large hair bow as she sported a mysterious expression on her face. Natalie may not be a fan favorite, but she’s getting lots of compliments on her Instagram whenever she shares her modeling pics.

Natalie Is Living The Life She Wanted In America

Natalie Has Got What She Always Wanted

It’s not known if Natalie will be coming back to the franchise following 90 Day: The Single Life season 4. Both of Natalie’s previous seasons had her vying for love and attention from Josh and getting rejected by Mike, and it felt like her story would keep repeating itself unless Natalie looked inward and took time to heal. It looks like Natalie is making time for new experiences and new friends in 2024. Natalie is growing stronger and more successful with each passing day until she discovers what path she’s supposed to take in the future in the U.S.

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