What Happened to Nicole and Azan from 90 Day Fiance

Nicole and Azan were one of the most controversial couples on 90 Day Fiancé, with many viewers suspecting that Azan was using Nicole. Their relationship faced significant turmoil when Nicole left her daughter for five months to visit Azan in Morocco. During this time, rumors surfaced about Azan having a secret family, and Nicole’s prolonged stay during the pandemic drew heavy criticism.

Nicole had planned a short visit to Morocco in March 2020, but the pandemic turned it into a five-month stay. Despite opportunities to return home, she chose to stay, facing backlash for not prioritizing her daughter. It was revealed that Nicole stayed in an Airbnb, not with Azan, further fueling speculation about their relationship.

In July 2021, Nicole announced their breakup. She later shared positive news about enrolling in college and focusing on her family. Nicole has since kept a low profile on social media, partly due to harsh public judgment. She occasionally updates her followers, but negative comments persist.

Azan’s social media activity dwindled, and rumors about his secret life, including a possible marriage and children, intensified. Despite the controversy, both Nicole and Azan have largely vanished from the public eye, leaving many questions about their relationship and lives unanswered.

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