Why Does Christine Keep Mentioning Kody? Has She Not Moved On?

There has been a ton of buzz among fans about who is actually hurting after Christine left Kody on Sister Wives. Many are convinced Kody was left heartbroken and embarrassed after Christine fell out of love and ditched their toxic marriage. However, some believe that Christine’s deep love for Kody and constant tears for his attention suggest some lingering feelings.


Sister Wives

But Christine didn’t waste any time moving on! She quickly found happiness with David Woolley, tying the knot in October 2023. But many thought the relationship was rushed. However, Christine has been proving them wrong with frequent posts about her happy marriage life. Yet, the debate over whether Christine is truly over Kody persists. So, has Christine moved on? If so, why does she keep bringing him up? We’ve got all the tea.

Sister Wives: Christine Brings Up Kody’s Insensitive Remarks!

Christine loves sharing updates about her daily life with Sister Wives fans, and her latest post took a trip down memory lane with a twist. Recording herself at a gas station at the One Stop Big Horn Co-Op in Wyoming, Christine revisited the infamous Nacho incident, celebrating what she called a “Nachos Anniversary.”


Years ago, at this very spot, Kody called her “chubby” and said he was “grossed out” watching her eating nachos. He even admitted that he wasn’t attracted to her and had never been in love with her. It was a painfully embarrassing moment for Christine in the history of Sister Wives. Despite this, the couple later married each other. While dissing Kody for his insensitive remarks, Christine also concluded the video with a clever wordplay, saying, “But I’m nachos anymore!”

Sister Wives fans loved the video, but there’s more to the story. Christine had gone on a date with her husband David to eat the Mexican dish. However, the sweet date took a turn when Christine took this opportunity to reminisce about her former husband. While many fans praised her for throwing shade at Kody, some believe it’s time for Christine to let the past go.

Sister Wives: Christine Revisits The Nachos Incident Again!

Christine wasn’t done grilling Kody over the infamous nachos incident. The Sister Wives star shared another video on Instagram, once again taking a dig at her ex. “We’re at the gas station where I ate nachos infamously years ago,” she said while munching on nachos with David. She compared her present life with her past, highlighting that she’s now enjoying the snack at 6 a.m. with her partner.


In the video, David admits to enjoying eating nachos with Christine. “He likes the way I eat my nachos,” she captioned the post, a clear jab at Kody, who once criticized her for it. Fans quickly flooded the comments with praise. A top comment read, “Nach-yo basement wife.”

It’s clear that Christine’s mentions of Kody are to diss her former husband for his insensitive behavior. And she seems very happy with her new husband, living her best life and throwing shade like a pro! For all the latest Sister Wives updates.

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