90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Brown wants a ‘conservative Christian’ woman with Southern charm: This is a new Ed‼️

After a messy split from Liz Woods, 90 Day Fiance personality Big Ed Brown is ready to settle down again.
The 59-year-old contentious reality TV star is a single man after calling off his and Liz Woods’ August 2023 wedding.
As we watched this season on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Ed took it upon himself to cancel his and Liz’s impending nuptials without discussing it with her first.
Ed’s decision was the last straw for Liz, and they’ve since gone their separate ways.
While Liz is in a relationship with a new significant other of her own, Ed is still on the hunt for a female companion.
During a new interview with ET‘s Rachel Smith, the Arkansas-based realtor revealed what he wants in his next girlfriend.
“I want a southern charm, I want a conservative, you know, conservative Christian woman is who I’m looking for,” Ed shared.
The TLC star has resumed attending church, even lectoring at Mass, where he said that he’s met plenty of single women closer to him in age than his 30-year-old ex-fiancee.
“Right now I’m meeting a lot of fantastic women that are more of my age that work in my same industry and nothing serious,” Ed added.
Ed has been enjoying weekly lunch dates with one lucky lady who introduced him to some charitable endeavors.
As for his change of pace, dating women close to him in age, Ed says that his breakup with Liz was a catalyst.
“It was a lot of things, but one, it was me having to look at how I’ve behaved, how I’ve treated women, how I’ve spoke to women and I’m not proud of that and the way I’ve behaved,” Ed confessed.
Ed noted that he prays for his ex, Liz, and has a new outlook on life. He added, “I’m in a very good place in my life.”
The reality TV star says he is also feeling better mentally, spiritually, and physically after recently dropping 19 pounds.
During a podcast appearance on Stefs Rock Show, Ed revealed that improving his health motivated him to shed unwanted pounds.
After some of his friends pointed out that he was noticeably gaining weight on TV, he took matters into his own hands.
“I’m single now, and I’m more concerned about my health than anything else,” Ed confided.
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