90 Day Fiance: Citra Wilson Shares Special Moments With Father-In-Law [So Sweet]

90 Day Fiance stars Citra and Sam share a lovely bond with each other. They become one the fan-favorites for their sweet relationship. The couple is living a drama-free life after marriage while waiting for their first baby’s arrival. The TLC stars have been giving multiple glimpses of their lovey-dovey romance on the internet. Sam and Citra are currently expecting their first child.

They have taken a break from reality TV life to focus on their personal life. TLC fans have been happy to see that their families have also accepted them. Unlike the other couples, they don’t face any major cultural clashes or other issues. Sam initially faced a few issues to convince his in-laws. But now, he shares a great bond with his wife’s family. However, Citra shocked her fans after she shared a weird update with her father-in-law.

90 Day Fiance


90 Day Fiance: Citra Wilson Shares An Update Of Her Bond With Father-In-Law!

Citra and Sam initially had many doubts about their relationship. However, they crossed all the hurdles to tie the knot. The TLC stars slowly became one of the most successful couples in the franchise. 90 Day Fiance stars fans love to see their bond and sweet romance in scenes. Currently, the couple is counting days to welcome their baby girl.

But they don’t leave a chance to show off their romance on social media. Recently, Citra shared a new update of her lovely life with her husband. She took to Instagram to share a video of herself giving a massage to her father-in-law. Interestingly, she was calling him ‘Alien Dad” while giving him a traditional massage called “Coining.”

Some fans freaked out after watching her doing the painful process to reduce body pain. A 90 Day Fiance fan took to Reddit to gush over Citra’s bond with her father-in-law. The OP wrote, “I’ve heard of cupping… but wtf? Citra calling him “alien dad” is precious…I love that they all love each other.” Several fans shared their reactions to the TLC star’s video.

One fan said, “Her whole IG is heartwarming. I really enjoy them as a couple.” Meanwhile, the others noticed that Sam’s dad was so good on the show. They also loved to watch Citra blending in well with her husband’s family. Further, a different fan added, “My favorite 90 day couple, wholesome people.” They were others were scared of coining treatment.

90 Day Fiance: When Are Citra & Sam Welcoming Their First Child?


90 Day Fiance stars Sam and Citra have been sharing several updates on their pregnancy journey. The couple will soon welcome their first child into the world. Fans have been keeping an eye on every new update of the TLC stars ahead of their upcoming baby’s arrival. Previously, Citra informed her fans about entering the ninth month. Hence, fans have been waiting for the arrival of their first child.

Citra and Sam have not been very active on social media these days. The couple must be cherishing their precious moments before welcoming their first child to the world. Citra’s latest update is proof that she is still pregnant. Hence, fans need to wait a little bit more for the baby’s update.

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