90 Day Fiance: Everything About Jasmine’s New Boyfriend! Who Is Matt Branis?

Jasmine Pineda first appeared on 90 Day Fiance alongside Gino Palazzolo. They had a rough relationship from the very beginning. Yet, the former decided to take a chance. She came all the way to America to tie the knot with him. Fans hoped after such a major decision, they would make their relationship work but it was a lost cause.

In the past few spin-offs, things only got worse between the two and fans had already predicted Jasmine and Gino would part ways. It looks like that’s exactly what happened. In some of her posts, the former has already been soft-launching her new beau. She has been confirming there is someone new in her life. The details about her new boyfriend are out now!

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Is Dating Matt Branis! Who Is He?

90 Day Fiance

Jasmine and Gino have become one of the most toxic couples on 90 Day Fiance. While the former has anger issues and is very fiery, the latter is secretive. In the new Happily Ever After spin-off, it’s quite clear they are on the last leg of their marriage. Well, the season was filmed a couple of months ago and a lot has changed in the current timeline.

On her Instagram handle, Jasmine uploaded new pictures of her all-denim look. She got a lot of love for it and a special admirer also slid into her comments to say he loved her “all jean” look. Well, the TV celeb also instantly responded to his words by using the hashtag, “#blushed.” Fans now have reason to believe they are dating.

On some intense digging, reports say Jasmine may be in a relationship with Matt Branis. His Instagram reveals that he is a struggling actor and also a proud member of SAG i.e., Screen Actors Guild. In fact, his LinkedIn page also had major details about his career trajectory. Apparently, he is from Michigan, the same place as her ex, Gino.

Matt was at Eastern Michigan University from 2013-16 and works in the Detroit entertainment industry in a 9-5 job. More reports say, Jasmine first met Matt when she was at a gym in Belleville in November. By December Gino found out about her infidelity and ended up kicking her out of his house. Only the upcoming 90 Day Fiance episodes will reveal if these rumors are true or if they hit their breaking point because of some other reason.

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Spent Her Valentine’s Day With Matt? Tries To Say He Is ‘Just A Friend’!

90 Day Fiance

It’s been a while since Jasmine has been hinting through her social media that she has a special someone

in her life. For Valentine’s Day, she also showed off a big card and a mushy teddy bear she received as a gift. She also made a mysterious caption saying, “till our next adventures” and how it was a “blast” spending the special day with her mystery man.

Now, 90 Day Fiance fans have been enquiring if something is cooking between Jasmine and Matt. But she has been trying to nullify the rumors by saying he is “just a friend.” Viewers have reason to believe she has been lying because she must be under an NDA and refraining from giving out details as per TLC’s orders.

But the truth will soon come out as the upcoming episodes will reveal what exactly happened between Gino and Jasmine. Do you like her alleged new beau, Matt Branis?

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