90 Day Fiancé: Is Loren Brovarnik’s Ego Out Of Control After Mommy Makeover?

Despite her vulnerable personality and down-to-earth attitude, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star Loren Brovarnik’s ego might be out of control. Loren, a 35-year-old reality TV star from Florida, is married to Alexei Brovarnik, 35, from Israel. The couple met on a Birthright trip, got engaged quickly, and starred in 90 Day Fiancé season three. They will celebrate 10 years of marriage in 2025 and have welcomed three kids over the past decade. Initially, Loren wasn’t a fan favorite, but she has won hearts as a mom and wife in recent years. Her frankness about her weight loss struggles, health issues, Tourette syndrome, and postpartum depression has helped her connect with fans in a unique way. Loren doesn’t flaunt big brands or snap at her followers when they ask for advice; she is friendly and courageous.

However, is Loren truly beautiful inside and out? Even before her third pregnancy in January 2022, Loren had decided to get plastic surgery. Her second baby was just eight months old when she shared her plans for a mommy makeover, aiming to tuck, lift, and tighten her body. After giving birth to her baby girl, Loren knew she needed a full-body transformation. She had started working out despite not being a gym fan, losing 12 pounds within four months of her third delivery through diet and exercise alone. Despite some criticism, Loren received praise from those she inspired.

In September 2023, Loren underwent a tummy tuck and 360 lipo, repurposing fat from various body parts to her breasts. She marketed her procedure as natural, avoiding fillers and implants, and resonated with fans who praised her new look. Loren, who admitted to being spoiled in her youth, has a history of being perceived as a mean girl. Despite putting on a friendly front on social media, she has had conflicts with co-stars. Her new mom image helps mask her past behavior, making her appear approachable and relatable.

Loren’s strategy has worked so far, as she avoids Photoshop and filters, keeping her online presence natural. Her raw moments with fans create a bond, though some feel manipulated. Loren has prioritized her family, showing appreciation for her husband and kids, and presenting herself as a loving mother and wife. However, she sometimes feels left out compared to newer, more popular moms in the franchise. Loren’s desire for fame persists, and she may even push her kids into modeling or acting to achieve her star mom status. Ultimately, Loren’s mommy makeover was driven by her ambition for fame.

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