90 Day Fiancé: Kim Menzies Shuts Down Riley Diego Relationship Rumors for Good!

Kim Menzies, known for her appearances on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, is finally coming clean about her real relationship status with co-star Riley Diego. At 52, Kim, from San Diego, initially sought a relationship with Usman Umar, becoming his biggest fangirl. Although Kim and Usman eventually got engaged, their relationship ended before Usman could come to the U.S. Following their split, fans hoped Kim would find a man worthy of her love and caring personality. This led to romance rumors with Riley, who began flirting with her on Instagram in October 2023.

Romance Rumors and Reality

Kim and Riley’s rumored romance has sparked interest among fans, especially since Kim shared a collaboration post with Riley, including several photos of them together. The last picture in the set revealed a “surprise”—Kim and Riley announced they would be appearing on Pillow Talk together. In her caption, Kim referred to Riley as her “BFF,” reaffirming their friendship status. When a fan commented that their body language suggested they were just friends, Kim replied, “Yes!”

Just Good Friends

Kim clarified her relationship with Riley in response to fan comments, stating they are just “good friends” and “that’s all we will ever be.” One fan mentioned seeing Kim and Riley on a Pillow Talk episode of 90 Day: The Single Life and thought they were a couple. However, Kim reiterated, “Friendship is all we will be.” She emphasized the difficulty of finding good friends nowadays. When asked why she chose to remain friends with Riley despite their undeniable chemistry, Riley responded, “Because that[‘s] what works for us and what we both want.”

Riley’s Perspective

Riley also addressed the relationship speculation on his Instagram page. He posted a meme from American Dad featuring characters Francine and Roger, highlighting the comments people made about them being more than friends. In the caption, Riley expressed his contentment with their friendship, appreciating the bond they share. It was Riley who initially showed an interest in dating Kim, even asking her out and referring to her as his potential daughter-in-law. He affectionately called Kim’s son, Jamal Menzies, “son.”

Public Appearances and Speculation

In November 2023, Kim and Riley were spotted together in San Diego celebrating the birthday of their 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days co-star Tyray Mollett. In December 2023, Riley posted a cryptic picture featuring a woman’s hands, leading to speculation that it was Kim. Despite the rumors, both Kim and Riley maintained that the woman in the photo was not Kim, and they reiterated that they were just good friends.


The relationship between Kim Menzies and Riley Diego on 90 Day Fiancé has been a topic of much speculation. Despite their close bond and frequent appearances together, both Kim and Riley have consistently clarified that they are just friends. Their story highlights the complexities of relationships in the public eye and the importance of maintaining personal boundaries and mutual respect. As fans continue to follow their journey, the friendship between Kim and Riley remains a testament to the strength of their bond, regardless of romantic involvement.

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