90 Day Fiance: Michael Finally Lands In The US! Angela Celebrates With A Kiss

Michael and Angela first appeared on 90 Day Fiance all the way from Nigeria. The latter lives in Georgia but traveled all the way to Africa to be with her beau. Together, they also tied the knot, but the former still couldn’t come to the US. After investing many years in the visa process, the new season of the show documented their journey.


90 Day Fiance

Just when Michael was close to getting his visa, Angela developed suspicions about her husband trying to scam her. So, everyone was curious whether she would report him or let him come to the US. Well, a new promo clip has finally revealed what happened to the couple!

90 Day Fiance: Michael & Angela Celebrate As He Lands In The US!

Michael and Angela tied the knot in Nigeria itself. They started depicting their journey in 90 Day Fiance in 2020. They had to wait many years to get the former to the US. Until then, Angela would constantly go visit her husband and be in a long-distance marriage. In the new season of Happily Ever After, the couple decided to depict their visa journey.

Angela said it would be the final chapter, and if it got canceled, they may not get to apply for it again. So, it was necessary for Michael to ace his interview. But when that was about to happen, Angela found out he was part of a group called Paradise Men and had her suspicions about her husband scamming her. But once Michael attempted to save his marriage and came back to her, she chucked her worries away.

In a new exclusive promo by ET, Angela was in the airport to finally welcome Michael. He finally landed in America, and his wife bought a jacket for him with the colors of the American flag. The couple couldn’t believe this moment and celebrated by hugging and kissing one another. Michael was happy as they had “been through a lot” and was thankful for his wife’s “strong patience.”

90 Day Fiance: Where Is Michael Living In The US After Splitting From Angela? [June 2024 Update]

While viewers will be able to see the upcoming 90 Day Fiance episode with Michael’s arrival next week, this footage is quite old. He most likely arrived in the US around January 2024. Fans had claimed spotting him with Angela around that time. Then, in March 2024, there was news about Michael going missing . Apparently, he took off without informing his wife as he feared for his life and had a burner phone.


90 Day Fiance

Since then, fans have spotted Michael partying in Indianapolis and also Texas. As he has been away from Angela fans suspect he left her merely a few months after arriving in the US. Could this mean that he was scamming her all along and lied to prove his innocence? Well, the upcoming Tell All episodes will finally reveal this. Are you looking forward to this season’s reunion?

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