90 Day Fiancé: Miona Completely UNRECOGNIZABLE As She BLASTS Jibri’s Lies Following Split!

Mona Bell and Jabri, who last appeared on “90 Day Fiancé” about two years ago, called it quits in late 2023. Jabri went on a trip through Southeast Asia and is now back in the USA, while Mona revealed her new relationship with Tzel Ron, going full-on Instagram official. There has been some back and forth between Mona and Jabri, with Jabri making comments about Mona’s personality and taking responsibility for the relationship breaking down. Mona, in turn, has responded to some of Jabri’s statements. One of the surprising claims Mona made is that she sponsored herself to come to the USA, implying she didn’t need Jabri’s support, which is not typical for a K1 Visa holder. This has raised questions about the visa process and what exactly transpired. Mona also clarified rumors surrounding their split, mentioning she knew it was time to end things and advising others to work on their issues first. She has since moved on with Tzel Ron, claiming to be happier than ever. However, there are doubts about Mona’s claims, especially regarding sponsoring herself for the visa. People have also commented on Mona’s changed appearance, noting that she looks unrecognizable in recent clips compared to her Instagram photos. Mona’s attitude and statements have sparked debate among fans, with some questioning the authenticity of her relationship with Jabri and her motives for coming to the USA.

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